How to choose the ideal drip tip for your vaping habits

How to choose a vape drip tip

Published on: 14/11/2022

What you should know before buying this component

When you become regular vapers, it is natural to take an interest in the characteristics of various e-cigarette components, partly out of curiosity and partly to try to perfect your vaping experience. An often underestimated but essential element of the e-cig is the drip tip.

In this article, you will find out what this component is, what it is used for and what features you should consider before buying it.

The drip tip affects the aromatic performance

Drip tip: what it is and what it is used for

An electronic cigarette is a device consisting of several components. Novice vapers tend to give a more critical role to the atomiser and the battery and do not pay much attention to the choice of the drip tip. However, as experienced vapers can confirm, this element is far from marginal and significantly influences vaping.

But what is the drip tip? Well, it is nothing more than the nozzle from which the vapour produced by the atomiser is drawn. That’s right. It is the only component of the e-cig that comes into contact with the vaper’s lips. This draw tube is attached to the atomiser and allows fruity or tobacco flavours to be enjoyed. Its name derives from the fact that in early e-cigarette models, the nozzle was used not only to draw vapour but also to introduce vaping liquids into the atomiser tank (the English word “drip” means “to drip”).

Despite what one might think by looking at it superficially, this element can significantly influence the vaping experience and allow it to be personalised. But before we find out what factors the drip tip influences, let’s see what materials it can be made from.

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What material is a drip tip made of

The tip of an electronic cigarette can come in various sizes and shapes. The length and the design contribute to changing the depth of the draught, the perception of the aromatic performance and the vapour temperature. However, one of the most influential factors in the vaping experience is the material of the drip tip.

The cheapest drip tips are undoubtedly those made of plastic. Novice vapers mainly use this material because of the affordable price and the high availability of shapes and colours. In addition to these features, plastic drip tips have an excellent thermal seal.

Then there are Teflon and Ultem tips, which differ from ordinary plastic in their smooth and silky texture and porosity. Another material used in drip tips is resin, which is durable and has a softer consistency than plastic.

Is that all? Not by a long shot! E-cig tips are also made from metal, wood and glass.

Metal drip tips heat up more than average and are much sought after by those who like a strong draw. On the contrary, wooden ones offer perfect insulation but are porous and retain vaping flavours, so they are not the best if you often switch from tobacco liquids to fruity or creamy liquids and vice versa.

As for glass nozzles, these are the most aesthetically pleasing and offer a delicious draught. But, of course, they are also very fragile and require special care.

What the drip tip is for

What are the other essential features to consider when choosing a drip tip?

As we have already mentioned at the beginning of the previous paragraph, in addition to the material, great attention must also be paid to the length and shape of the drip tip. Unfortunately, there are no universal guidelines for choosing the right ones: every vaper has different needs and should opt for a tip model that suits them.

For example, cheek shooters generally try to enhance the characteristics of an atomiser designed for this vaping with a long drip tip with a narrow hole to cool the vapour. On the other hand, those who prefer lung shots usually opt for a wider and shorter drip tip.

The drip tip is also chosen according to the amount of vapour it allows you to inhale. Of course, it is essential to ensure that the nozzle can be attached to the atomiser to avoid liquid leaks that could damage the device.

Apart from the more technical and aesthetic aspects (which always have their importance), every vaper should also choose the nozzle according to the shape of their lips, ok the sensations, the performance and so on. Still, vaping must be a comfortable and pleasant practice.

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In conclusion

Using an electronic cigarette with the components best suited to your preferences is undoubtedly the basis of quality vaping. Another critical element, however, is electronic cigarette liquids. It does not matter whether you get them ready to use or compose them yourself using the e-liquid base, vape flavourings and possibly liquid nicotine – what matters is that they are impeccable quality.

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