How long can an e-cigarette battery last, and how to prolong its life?

How long does the electronic cigarette battery last?

Published on: 21/11/2022

How to extend the battery life of your e-cig

Assembling the various components of the electronic cigarette according to one’s needs is one of the most exciting tasks for vapers moving from novice to expert status. Among the elements that require some attention is the battery.

In the following few lines, you will find out how long it lasts on average, what factors affect it and how it can be extended.

How long does it take to recharge an electronic cigarette

How long does it take to recharge an electronic cigarette? It depends

Starting vaping means entering a new world in which every single electronic cigarette component plays an important role. Apart from the choice of atomiser, resistance, drip tip and vaping liquids, the battery also plays a significant role in the vaping experience.

After all, we are talking about the energy source the device draws to vaporise liquids with its vaping flavours. Its duration may depend on a variety of factors. Just as every engine has consumption that varies according to the characteristics of the car and the driver’s driving style, e-cig batteries also have a battery life that is directly proportional to how they are drawn, the frequency of vaping and the particularities of the device.

Generally speaking, a battery with a high mAh value (2,000 to 3,000) has a relatively high essential performance capacity. Still, the amount of time the e-cig remains switched on, the number of puffs, the vaping temperature and the wattage substantially influence its range.

Therefore, once you have understood your vaping style, you will be able to assemble the most suitable components for it (including the battery) and find the right set-up for your e-cig.

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How long does an e-cigarette battery last

Choosing the correct battery for your vaping style and frequency of use is crucial to avoid draining your device during the day and to avoid having to replace it too often.

When we talk about the duration of a battery, we don’t only mean the duration of recharging but also the total time, i.e. its longevity. Many vapers, in fact, due to inexperience or lack of knowledge of the technical characteristics of their device and their vaping style, superficially choose their battery only to find themselves having to replace it after a few months due to unsatisfactory performance.

Well, know that a battery perfectly adapted to how you vape, the frequency with which you vape, the peculiarities of the elements of your device and its settings can guarantee high performance even for two or three years. But, of course, if you want to get the most out of your battery, you must treat it well and take some steps to preserve its efficiency.

In the next section, I will give tips to make your e-cig battery last longer.

How long should the e-cig battery charge

How to make the e-cigarette battery last longer

In some respects, e-cigs are not so different from a human being: a man or woman is more likely to reach a certain age with good mental clarity and physical performance if throughout their life they have followed a healthy diet, played sports and avoided harmful vices such as smoking, alcohol and so on.

Similarly, an e-cig battery lasts longer and performs better if the user takes care of it. What is meant by this? For example, it is essential to use it continuously and avoid keeping it idle for long periods. Another aspect that a vaper should pay close attention to is the battery’s storage, keeping it away from light and heat sources and humidity.

Regarding recharging, it is most important to use a suitable charger and not plug it in when it is empty. Of course, it will sound repetitive, but for this aspect too, let us take as an example the management of a car, particularly refuelling, for which one should not wait for the tank to go into reserve.

Finally, exercise caution when pouring your fruity, tobacco or creamy liquids into the tank and assembling the atomiser. Even the slightest leak of e-cigarette liquids risks ruining a battery forever and causing a short circuit and, in some cases, an explosion of the device.

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In conclusion

As you will have understood from reading this article, the battery is essential to prolong its life cycle. Therefore, it is necessary to treat it with respect. On Terpy‘s site, you will not find e-cig batteries. Still, you will have access to a wide range of ready-made liquids and components for making DIY liquids, such as e-liquid bases, liquid nicotine and different types of tobacco, fruity, creamy and unique flavours.