How much nicotine do we take in with the electronic cigarette? Let us clarify

How much nicotine do we take in with the electronic cigarette?

Modified on: 27/05/2024

Here is the nicotine dosage of e-cig liquids and how much nicotine the body absorbs

If you are considering starting vaping an e-cigarette to try to smoke less or quit altogether, you probably want to know how much nicotine you will take in. Although vaping differs from smoking in many respects (first and foremost, the 95% less harmfulness), the amount of this substance in liquids is one of the aspects that newcomers pay the most attention to.

In the following few lines, you will find out how to calculate the amount of nicotine in vape liquids, how much nicotine there is in analogue cigarettes and why this device is excellent for quitting smoking.


How much nicotine is in vape liquids

When you start using an electronic cigarette, you must be aware that the amount of nicotine you take in is not predetermined but varies depending on the type of vaping liquid you choose.

The electronic cigarette liquids on the market can be with or without liquid nicotine. So naturally, those who start vaping to give up smoking are inclined to choose tobacco or creamy liquids with nicotine to avoid the dreaded withdrawal crises.

To avoid this risk, however, both when buying ready-made liquids and when opting to prepare them homemade by dosing the various components (e-liquid base, vape flavourings and, indeed, nicotine bases), one should take into account the amount of nicotine one used to take in daily with analogue cigarettes.

In this regard, you should know that the nicotine dosage in vaping liquids does not correspond to the amount your body will absorb while vaping. The ratio between the nicotine in liquids and the nicotine you will take is 1 to 3. This means that if your liquid contains 6 mg/ml of nicotine and you vape 3 ml daily, the amount of nicotine your body will absorb will not be 18 mg but 6 mg.

It is, therefore, up to you to choose a dosage that meets your daily nicotine needs, especially during the first period. To find out how much nicotine your liquids should have, however, you need to know how much your analogue cigarettes contain.

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How much nicotine a traditional cigarette contains

Choosing a vaping liquid with the right nicotine content is essential for a new vapee who wants to kick the smoking habit once and for all. This substance in tobacco is, in fact, the main culprit behind the addictive nature of cigarettes.

It is logical, therefore, to quit smoking gradually. However, without shock, it is necessary not to stop taking nicotine suddenly but to maintain the usual daily dosage (at least for the first few days). Knowing how much this dosage corresponds to is not difficult, as the amount of nicotine in each cigarette is equivalent to the amount one takes in.

Until recently, this figure was stated on the packets; in any case, search for the exact nicotine dosage in each cigarette brand and the Internet. For example, consider that a light cigarette contains an average of 0.6 mg of nicotine while a strong one contains 0.8 mg. To find out how much nicotine you need, multiply the dosage indicated by the manufacturer by the number of cigarettes smoked.

Let us assume that before you opted for an e-cig, you used to smoke 20 cigarettes of 0.6 mg of nicotine per day: the amount of nicotine your body is used to absorb daily is 12 mg. In short, the calculation is quite simple. But now let’s find out why electronic cigarette is one of the best ways to stop smoking.

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How much nicotine a cigarette contains

Nicotine and electronic cigarette – This device can kick the smoking habit.
Quitting smoking – it is well known – is a challenging task. Even though the harm of cigarettes is well known and smoking is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, many smokers cannot give up the habit, partly due to nicotine addiction and partly due to an established habit.

However, the e-cig has already helped many people to break free from the smoking monster, and it is not hard to see why: this device not only allows you to inhale tobacco-flavoured vapours by emulating the classic act of smoking but also to avoid nicotine withdrawal. But, of course, to give up this habit completely, it is essential to gradually eliminate this substance from one’s body, and with the electronic cigarette, this is possible.

Unlike the analogue, the electronic cigarette allows you to dose the nicotine in such a way that with the same number of puffs per day, it decreases weekly and month after month until it is reduced to zero. All this without inhaling the thousands of harmful and carcinogenic substances produced by burning tobacco and cigarette papers.

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In conclusion

The possibility of varying the nicotine dosage and adapting it to one’s needs is only one of the positive aspects of the e-cig. With this device, you can gradually get used to the tobacco taste. In the Terpy shop, you can find fruity liquids, special liquids and various e-cigarette flavours that will help you to forget cigarettes softly.