Decomposed liquids and flavours: these are the main differences

these are the main differences

Modified on: 29/05/2024

The difference between decomposed liquids and classic flavours for electronic cigarettes

If you are not new to the world of e-cigarettes, probably you prefer to make your own E Liquid, instead of using e cigarette liquids ready to use. Then, you can compose a base mix with or without liquid nicotine and e liquid flavours in percentages to your taste and so here you have your personalized liquid.

By informing you about the flavours you want to use to compose E Cig liquids, you have probably come across some words as “decomposed liquids” or “decomposed flavours”, or “flavours shot series

Today we want to explain what these products are and what is the difference between the decomposed liquids and traditional e liquid flavours concentrates.

difference between e cig flavours and the decomposed e liquid

What are the decomposed e liquids?

The decomposed liquids are basically the classic e cig flavours combined with propylene glycol (PG) but specially created for a predetermined dilution. The resulting product takes the name decomposed aroma or aroma shot series.

How do they work?

These decomposed liquids are generally commercially available in 10 or 20 ml formats, but its container (called chubby) is bigger.

Typically 20 ml of decomposed liquid is inside of a 60 ml chubby, to allow the subsequent addition of the neutral vape base and the eventual liquid nicotine.

The advantages of Decomposed e cigarette Liquid

The advantage of using decomposed e cigarette flavours comes mainly from the elimination of stones suitable for dilution. To prepare liquids it is not necessary to think about how many aroma drops to add to the e liquid base or how many milliliters of aroma to use to get 60 ml of liquid for E-Cig.

Just take the chubby with 20ml of decomposed liquid, add 40ml of base PG VG and shake.

This method, however, has some inconveniences.

The Disadvantages of Decomposed Liquid for E-Cigs

The price of decomposed vaping liquids is generally high, although they don’t cost much more than e liquid concentrates to the manufacturer.

Not only that: as they are flavours already dosed to obtain a certain dilution, it is not possible to create a format that is different from the chubby. If it is possible to make a bottle of liquid of the desired size with concentrated flavours, as for example 100 ml or 1 liter, with decomposed flavours only 60 ml can be obtained.

It is also not possible to experiment with mixtures with different concentrations of substances, since to obtain a good result, it is necessary to follow the instructions of preparation indicated by the manufacturer.

Anyway, allergic people to propylene glycol cannot use them.

So basically what is the difference between aroma and decomposed liquid?

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concentrated flavours

Difference between concentrated and decomposed aroma

A concentrated aroma is a macerated essence or an extracted essence of natural or synthetic substances. This essence is liquid form and can be pure or diluted in small amounts of propylene glycol.

Concentrated e cig flavours undiluted in glycol generally have a taste and smell more intense: therefore small amounts are necessary to obtain a really nice e cig liquid.

The advantage of concentrated flavours is the possibility of mixing them with the e liquid base and possibly liquid e cigarette nicotine. These e liquid flavours allow full customization of e-cigarette liquids. For example, you can prepare a 1 liter neutral base liquid e cig with which you can fill smaller and smaller jars, adding the aroma you prefer to each bottle.

Concentrated flavours are usually marketed in different formats, starting with very small amounts. Once in your hands you simply have to dilute them drop by drop into the neutral base PG VG using the amounts recommended on the container.

The decomposed liquids, or decomposed e cigarette flavours, are already mixed with propylene glycol and are available in 10 or 20 ml formats. However, the bottles that contain them are much larger (usually 60 ml): to prepare a liquid with these flavours, it’s a must to combine the diy e liquid in the remaining milliliters to fill the bottle.

For example, if you have 20 ml of aroma + propylene glycol in a 60 ml bottle, you will need to add 40 ml of neutral vape base.

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Concentrated e liquid concentrates VS decomposed flavours: which ones to choose?

Of course, it all depends on your needs, but you should know that the customers who come to us, usually do it because of the excellent taste and smell of vaping liquids prepared and because of the possibility to fully customize the liquid for E-Cig.

Decomposed flavours do not offer this possibility, and this is the reason why we have chosen to exclusively offer you the concentrated ones (also not diluted in propylene glycol).

The experience of using our liquids exceeds that of the shot series flavours, and our goal is that you can make a quality E-Liquid using very few products.

Try our electronic cigarette products for sale at Terpy now: you will be pleasantly surprised and you will probably never abandon them.