Corrective flavours: what they are and why they are used

Corrective flavours

Modified on: 06/12/2022

The guide to corrective flavours for your e-liquid

The corrective e cig flavours for e liquids allow you to correct and perfect the taste and the smell of your e cigarette liquids. If your liquid has a very strong aroma, you can dilute it with a vape base or correct the bitter taste, sweet taste etc. with specific flavours.

Corrective e liquid flavours do not always have this function, but the prevalence of particular characteristics allow some of these to weaken specific notes and enhance others. Of course, this is a subjective issue: your friend Maria may find an e cig liquid too sweet while it might be perfect for your taste buds. Our advice is to add the corrective e cigarette flavours, little by little, so as not to overdo it and end up with the opposite problem to the one you wanted to solve.

flavours correctors for e cigarette liquid

How many types of corrective e liquid concentrates exist?

There are many varieties of corrective e liquid flavour concentrates, but we can classify them in the following 8 main types:

  • Corrective flavours of sweet (so they are sweeteners)
  • Bitter corrective flavours (have a bittering effect)
  • Cold Corrective flavours (give a feeling of freshness, for those who love the ice effect aroma)
  • Smoke Corrective flavours (make your e liquid more “smoky” and woody)
  • Special corrective flavours (give your e cig liquid a nutty, chocolate or butter taste)
  • Corrective flavours of flavours (enhance the aroma of your liquid)
  • HIT corrective flavours (they increase the sensation of the “hit in the throat” during inhalation, therefore they are perfect for liquids without liquid nicotine)
  • Sparkling flavours (give sparkling notes to your e cigarette liquid)

Let’s see all the details about it below.

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Corrective e cigarette flavours: how to use them?

Corrective flavours of sweet

If your E-Liquid is too bitter or dry, you can use the corrective e liquid concentrates of sweet to sweeten it, as if you were adding sugar to the coffee.

Bitter corrective flavours for E-Cig

If you have made e-liquids that are too sweet, you can add a bitter aroma that makes the taste very dry.

Acid corrective flavours for E-Cig

e cig flavours correctors for excessively sweet liquids

The acidifying flavours allow you to make your E-Liquid more sour.

Cold corrective flavours for E-Cig

Do you need freshness? Then look for flavours with a cooling sensation, such as those with notes of mint and pine, but also of citrus and earth.

Smoke Corrective flavours for E-Cig

Perfect for giving smoky and woody notes to your vaping liquids.

Special corrective flavours for E-Cig

They are ideal for enhancing buttery, nutty and chocolatey flavours.

Corrective flavours of flavours for E-Cig

As you could read earlier, these flavours serve to enhance the main taste of your liquid.

HIT corrective flavours for E-Cig.

If you want to increase the sensation of HIT, we recommend mentholated (or citrus) and fresh flavours.

Sparkling flavours for E-Cig

They are particular flavours adding sparkling and energizing notes to your liquids.

In this case, avoid sweet flavours because they soften the taste of your liquid and do not allow you to achieve the sparkling sensation you want.

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In conclusion

E liquid flavours are perfect for correcting e liquids and for enhancing some sensations that many people seek, such as sweetness, acidity and freshness.

Try our flavours now and let us know, in the reviews, which doses you used to achieve your desired goal!