Do you want to quit smoking? This research reveals which is the most effective e liquid flavour


Modified on: 19/05/2023

The best e cig flavours to stop smoking? A UK research reveals it

You have finally decided to finish and say STOP to cigarettes, but you just can’t. Addictions are difficult to extinguish … Anyway, you need to know that there are e liquid flavours, to use in e liquid, which could help you defeat smoking addiction!

The best e liquid flavours to quit smoking are revealed by a study carried out in the United Kingdom by the Center for Substance Use Research (CSUR). The CSUR is, specifically, a specialized company that carries out research in the field of the use of substances in the UK, the European Union and the United States.

The study we will talk about today was carried out by psychologists and sociologists with strong experience in research at high qualitative and quantitative standards. It was published in November 2019 in the online Harm Reduction Journal which focuses on research regarding the harm reduction of addictive substances.

Research on reducing cigarette addiction after using the E-Cig

tips for stop smoking with e liquid flavours

The study of which you can read methods and results in the course of this article is called “Factors associated with past 30-day abstinence from cigarette smoking in adult established smokers who used a JUUL vaporizer for 6 months”. 

JUUL is the company that produces the best-selling electronic cigarettes in the United States. Their use is growing rapidly, and CSUR research tries to evaluate the probable effect of E-Cigs produced by JUUL on the cessation of cigarette use by US smokers.

Are you wondering why they chose JUUL? Well, first of all because they are the most used in the US, and secondly because the CSUR research is supported by companies (but impartial and subsequently revised).

In any case, the use of these electronic cigarettes could improve the health of smokers, as it seems that some flavours lead them to stop or significantly reduce the use of “analog cigarettes”.

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The methods used during research on e-cigarettes and cigarette smoking addiction

All study participants (15,456) were 21-year-old US guys who had bought their first JUUL Starter Kit 7 days before the start of the research.

This was conducted through surveys, which measured the use of “traditional” cigarettes in the last 30 days and the use of JUUL electronic cigarettes between 3 and 6 months after the first purchase.

Online surveys evaluated the use of conventional cigarettes over the last 30 days and the use of JUUL e-cigarettes 3 and 6 months after their first purchase. Furthermore, after 6 months, participants were asked to abstain from cigarette smoking for at least 30 days.

Surprisingly, the study found that in the groups of people who used mango and mint flavours there were more cases of smoking abstinence than in the group that used Virginia tobacco-based flavour!

The results of the study: mango and mint flavours beat the tobacco flavour


It seems that the best e liquid flavours concentrates to quit smoking are with mango and mint flavours.

In fact, the results of the study showed that, after 6 months of using the JUUL Pod Mod, most of the people who were successful in abstinence from smoking for at least 30 days used mango or mint flavours.

Furthermore, those who had less success in the period of abstinence were not only those who used the Virginia tobacco flavour, but people who had smoked consistently for at least 20 years over 10 cigarettes a day and had used traditional cigarettes for all 30 days before the required abstinence period.

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So, what are the results of the research?

The researchers concluded that a large proportion of the study participants said they passed 30 days of abstinence from cigarette smoking after using a JUUL E-Cig for 6 months.

It seems that the use of electronic cigarettes, in particular with mango or mint flavours, gives a great advantage to those who want to quit smoking.

So if you are planning to quit smoking, and if you are thinking of vaping to quit smoking using one e cigarette liquid, we recommend you to choose products that feature mango and / or mint.

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