Flavours for electronic cigarettes without nicotine: how and when use them to quit smoking

Aromas for electronic cigarettes without nicotine

Modified on: 29/05/2024

Do e cigarette flavours without nicotine really allow you to stop smoking?

One of the dilemmas of vaping is about the use of e liquid flavours concentrates with or without liquid nicotine. If you have already purchased e liquids on our website, you will know that our company gives you the possibility to choose between the two options.

The transition from smoking to vaping is very delicate and it is advisable to inform yourself very well on this kind of topics. If you are already a vaper, you will have experienced on your skin, and your lungs, the difference between the two types.

If you are just curious, you have found the best web to get the best information. If you have recently started vaping to try to abandon the traditional cigarettes, you arrived to the right place.

Are there any risks associated with other e-liquid ingredients?

In this article you will find all the tips on the correct use of the electronic cigarette to quit smoking, improve your health and enjoy crazy e cig flavours that are not possible to try with analog cigarettes.

Is the use of the electronic cigarette without liquid nicotine bad for the lungs?

In case you were wondering if nicotine-free e cig liquids are bad, you’ve come to the right page. Vaping is still at the center of a series of scientific studies, around all the world, as regards the impact on the entire respiratory system.

The world of vaping has a recent history (just over 10 years), the long-term effects of this practice are not yet known. Scientists have found a few information about the direct impact of e-cigs on our body.

Some studies, such as the one carried out by Dr. John Newton, of University College London, show how the use of electronic cigarettes, with or without e cigarette nicotine liquid, reduces the damage by 95% compared to the traditional one.

This study was sponsored by the UK Department of Health, which supported the cause. In Italy the same was done by Veronesi and by Dr. Polosa of the University of Catania, founder of the Centro di Ricerca per la Riduzione del Danno da Fumo (Research Center for the Reduction of Smoking Damage)

The difference, as Polosa explains to us, lies in the fact that the e-cig does not involve combustion, which is the cause of the main harmful substances in cigarette smoke. Instead, the vapor is produced by a heating resistance that brings the e cigarette liquid to boil.

The vape base of the e liquids is composed of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), in some cases slightly elongated with double-distilled water (to improve the aromatic yield).

Without a doubt it is not fresh air, so vaping is still not recommended for those suffering from respiratory diseases and non-smokers. Its birth goal, which still applies today, is to stop smoking.

What we are talking about, in fact, is the reduction of the harm of smoking: the e-cig is undoubtedly less harmful than the traditional cigarette, with or without nicotine. But now let’s see the difference between these two types of liquids.

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E Liquids: are the best without e cigarette nicotine?

We have seen in the lines above that, although little is known about the long-term effects of vaping, it is undoubtedly a preferable option to traditional cigarettes, as it reduces damage to the body by 95%.

The doubt that remains to you, probably, is related to the presence of nicotine in your e cigarette liquids. But what is nicotine really?

It is an alkaloid substance found in tobacco leaves, a neurotoxin that acts on the human brain by stimulating nicotinic receptors. Basically, at low levels, it has a stimulating, tranquilizing and addictive effect.

nicotine free e cig flavours

Nicotine in high dosages can be lethal for humans and we must be very careful in its use in the electronic cigarette. For this reason the European Communion has issued an important directive.

The TPD (Tobacco Products Directive), issued in May 2017, collects the rules that regulate the sale of products that contain nicotine and sets the limit in fluids at a maximum percentage of 20mg / ml.

In addition, the bottles of vape liquids with nicotine must not exceed the capacity of 10ml. This has changed everything and retailers and vapers have had to adapt to the new laws.

As you can see, nicotine is not really good for health, so we recommend that you use it only in the transition phase from traditional cigarettes to e-cigs, so as not to have repercussions and change your mind on your choice.

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Final remarks

As you have seen in the various sections of this article, e-cigarettes can be a less harmful alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. Actually, it can help you quit smoking.

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