Best concentrated electronic cigarettes flavours: 3 characteristics you need to know

Best concentrated electronic cigarettes flavours: 3 characteristics you need to know

Modified on: 13/05/2022

The characteristics of the best flavours for e-cig

The electronic cigarettes flavors are able to give unique scents and tastes to your neutral e liquid base and personalize as well as possible. These products are intended for vaping, for inhalation and consequently for absorption by our body. So, it is important to choose the best, the safest and the most legal e cigarette liquid flavours.

Understanding what the characteristics of the best flavours are, it is essential for both your safety and your vaping experience. Today we want to talk to you about these characteristics, focusing both on your well-being and on the taste of e liquid.

Are you ready? So take a pen and a paper now for your notes and read the characteristics of the safest and most appreciable flavors for electronic cigarettes on the market!

Best concentrated electronic cigarettes flavours: 3 characteristics you need to know

1) Best flavours for E-Cig: they are certified

The companies producing concentrated flavours for electronic cigarettes must analyze all their items before placing them on the market, and produce them according to specific quality standards.

Confirmation of compliance with these procedures occurs when the flavours have adequate certifications, as the GMP | ISO 9001: 2015 | FSSC 22000 GSC for the quality and safety of food products. All the flavours in our online shop ( have both this certification and three specific certificates for each flavor: Certificate of Analysis, Safety Data Sheet and Food Safety.

Thanks to these documents (which you can download on the sheet of each product) you are 100% sure that the flavours you purchase are suitable for food consumption and, consequently, for inhalation.

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2) Best concentrated flavours for electronic cigarettes: they are natural

You need to know that electronic cigarette flavors can be natural, identical and artificial. Natural ones are made with the use of natural raw materials or with molecules obtained by biosynthesis.

The best vaping flavours belong to this category, as they maintain all the characteristics of the raw materials from which they are extracted.

Identical flavours have molecules similar to natural ones, obtained by chemical synthesis. On the other hand, the artificial flavours derive from chemical molecules produced in the laboratory. In these cases, especially in the case of artificial flavours, the molecules tend to recall the smell and the taste of vanilla, mint and other natural products, but not very faithfully.

In the case of natural flavours, the smell and the taste are the same as the raw materials from which they derive.

On the contrary, the identical and artificial flavours will remember a certain fragrance, but not in a detailed and rich way as happens with natural ones.

Best concentrated electronic cigarettes flavours: 3 characteristics you need to know 2

3) The best concentrated flavours comply with English laws

When buying electronic cigarette flavours, it is important that they comply with UK or, more generally, EU food regulations. In fact, if they are traded in the countries of the European Union, they must comply with specific quality and safety standards (such as those we have indicated in the first point).

In other countries it is possible that the food standards – which are those that must respect the E-Cig flavors – are different and, perhaps, less safe than those in Europe. Therefore, we recommend that you only buy flavours that are marketable in the EU.

Of course, every product in our online store has passed safety tests to check the presence (or the absence) of harmful substances. They are completely up to standard and with tangible safety.

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Bonus feature of the best concentrated flavours

Our vape flavors have unique nuances of taste and smell. They don’t just “remember” vanilla, tobacco or mint like many other flavours on the market, but they also contain the true tastes and smells of the product from which they derive. Come and discover all the products for e-cig on our shop they are certified and natural flavours and, of course, marketable in Europe. These products reflect all the characteristics of the best concentrated flavours!