Electronic cigarette atomiser: when to change it?

When to change the e-cig atomiser

Published on: 11/11/2022

How to understand when this component needs to be replaced

Once you start using an e-cigarette, it is natural to become curious about the vaping world and want to get to know this device piece by piece. This is because the e-cig comprises several essential components, one of which is the atomiser.

In the following lines, you will find out what it is, what it is for, under what circumstances it needs to be replaced and what its average lifetime is.

Atomiser: what it is and when it can be changed

The atomiser is one of the components that new vapers focus on, and it could not be otherwise since it is one of the main elements of the e-cig. Indeed, it is here that the vaping process of vaping liquids takes place.

But what does an atomiser look like? It is a component inside which an electrical resistance receives its energy from the battery. This resistor makes contact with a cotton ball impregnated with liquid and, when activated, heats up and evaporates said liquid.

Change of resistance

Of the various atomiser types, some are better suited to cheek vaping, while others are better suited to lung vaping. However, there is little point in discussing the types of shots here; instead, you need to know that some atomisers last longer than others. In particular, rechargeable ones can last longer than non-rechargeable ones.

The resistance can be replaced in the former, whereas it is not interchangeable but fixed in the latter. Therefore, when the coil of a regenerable atomiser reaches the end of its cycle, the vaper can handcraft a new one and fit it in place of the old one; conversely, when the resistance of a non-regenerable atomiser fails, it is no longer usable, and the entire element must be replaced.

Regardless of whether an atomiser is regenerable, knowing the right time to replace the whole part or change the resistance is essential.

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What are the signs that a resistor needs to be replaced?

A very famous advertisement used to say that “a diamond is forever”. Well, that slogan does not apply to e-cig resistance. In fact, with pull after pull, this metal resistive wire wears down, and solid residues of e-cigarette liquids and cotton particles settle between its coils.

But how can you tell when the atomiser (or the resistance alone, if you use a remanufacturable one) is about to say goodbye to you? While vaping, you will receive some unmistakable signals: you should take your e-cig to the pits.

For a start, you may feel a slight burning taste in the presence of a worn resistor. Another symptom that could indicate a coil is nearing retirement is decreased vapour production. Among other things, you might also notice a darkening of the liquid colour.

But taste and sight are not the only senses that can alert you to the need to replace the resistance or atomiser: hearing can do this too. So if you should hear a gurgling sound during your vaping, know that this is another possible symptom of coil wear.

However, with experience, you will realise the need to change the resistance without waiting for these signs.

How long does an atomiser last

How long does an atomiser last

When you vape regularly, you get used to automatically adjusting to the need to change the atomiser or replace the resistance. But, of course, there is no universal time frame. The lifetime of an atomiser can depend on several factors, first and foremost, the frequency with which the vaper uses his device.

Those who vape more often will see the resistance of their atomiser deteriorate much sooner than those who only use an e-cigarette on certain occasions. In addition, the type of liquid used (which can be organic or synthetic), the cotton, the wire used to make the coil, the wattage and the intensity of vaping also play a role in the wear of the atomiser.

Generally speaking, however, taking constant use as a reference, an atomiser has an average life of about 2 weeks.

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In conclusion

Suppose you are considering starting vaping because you are tired of hurting yourself with an analogue cigarette. In that case, you will do well with an e-cig with a non-rebuildable atomiser. Once you are familiar with vaping and understand your favourite liquids (you have a wide choice of tobaccos, fruity liquids and creamy liquids), you can try your hand at a more ‘professional’ type of vaping and switch to a rebuildable atomiser.

However, remember that this type of atomiser requires constant maintenance; moreover, assembling the coils by hand requires good manual dexterity. Of course, if you use quality liquids like the ones sold on Terpy, your atomiser will have a better chance of lasting a long time.

We look forward to seeing you on Terpy.