Iqos or electronic cigarette: what are the differences, and which is less harmful to health

The differences between iqos and e-cigarettes

Modified on: 27/05/2024

Here’s what’s different between iqos and the electronic cigarette

Giving up the smoking habit is not easy, and those who say all it takes is the much-vaunted goodwill have probably never known the slavery of smoking. Fortunately, there are now state-of-the-art devices that can help even the most hardened smokers in this endeavour.

We are talking about electronic cigarettes and Iqos. These two products are often identified under the same banner, but in reality, they are entirely different. In the following few lines, you will discover the differences between the two devices and, above all, which causes the least harm to your health.

Regenerable electronic cigarette: main characteristics and operation

The main differences between Iqos and e-cigs

For decades, the market has been trying to offer smokers valid solutions for quitting smoking. In recent years, however, considerable progress has been made thanks to devices such as e-cigarettes and Iqos, which have replaced the classic anti-smoking products of the past, such as chewing gum and nicotine patches.

Both Iqos and e-cigs are valuable tools in the fight against smoking. However, although on a superficial level they may seem similar, they differ in essential aspects, first and foremost, the presence of tobacco. This is the most significant distinguishing feature between Iqos and e-cigarettes.

Iqos is a device developed by the world’s largest tobacco company, Philip Morris. You should only know this to realise that tobacco is included in this device. Unlike the traditional cigarette, however, Iqos does not involve any combustion. Instead, the tobacco mixture is inserted into the machine and heated to about 350° C by a heating element. This way, it is possible to puff and enjoy the tobacco without producing any smoke or ash.

The electronic cigarette, on the other hand, works differently. Inside is an electric heating element that does not heat tobacco but a cotton ball soaked in a vaping liquid. With the heat produced by the heating element, the liquid evaporates and is inhaled. Therefore, the process used in the e-cig is not heating but vaping.

Having established the different functioning of the two devices, you may wonder which is less harmful to your health. We will discuss this in the next section.

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Iqos, electronic cigarette and classic cigarette: which one is more harmful

Let us say one thing: Iqos and e-cigarettes are less harmful than analogue cigarettes. The latter releases thousands of toxic substances (many of which are carcinogenic).

However, you should be aware that the device manufactured by Philip Morris includes tobacco. Although there is no actual combustion, the substances in it are released during use and inhaled by the user. The studies carried out so far on Iqos have therefore shown it to be less harmful than traditional smoking but have not ruled out potential damage.

And the electronic cigarette?

Well, this device has been on the market for many more years, and scientists have collected more data on its safety. The fact that tobacco is never present in e-cigs and that they work by vaporisation means that, with the use of quality liquids, these devices are the safest for health among those examined.

If we wanted to attribute a percentage of harmfulness to all these products, we could give 100% to classic blondes, 30% to Iqos and 5% to e-cigarettes.

Iqos side effects

The e-cig is the best solution to stop smoking without side effects.

The fact that e-cigarettes reduce the possibility of harming the body by 95% compared to traditional cigarettes is more than enough reason to opt for this solution if you want to quit smoking. However, many people – and you might be one – fear that is even vaping tobacco liquids would continue to crave the analogue cigarette due to nicotine withdrawal.

Well, there is excellent news for you: not only can liquid nicotine be included in e-cigarette liquids, but each vaper can vary the dosage according to their preferences. This makes the e-cig the best tool for abandoning the classic cigarette because the amount of nicotine can progressively decrease. Moreover, after the first few days, you can gradually get used to the tobacco taste by experimenting with the many creamy and fruity liquids on the market.

Last but not least, with the e-cig, you can say goodbye not only to smoking and its harms but also to some side effects that – it seems – can also occur with Iqos, namely sore throat, headache, cough and nausea.

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In conclusion

Saying goodbye to smoking is the wisest choice a smoker can make, and using an electronic cigarette can help you fulfil your good intentions.

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