3 (classic) reasons why your electronic cigarette is leaking liquid

3 (classic) reasons why your electronic cigarette is leaking liquid

Modified on: 06/12/2022

Here are the reasons why your electronic cigarette leaks liquid, right now.

It’s always the same story: you take your e-Cigarette out of your pocket and you feel it completely wet with vaping e liquid. You already suspected it before taking it, due to the too intense scent of electronic e cigarettes flavours, as if (just as it happened) the liquid had leaked from its seat.

Don’t worry too much: it has happened to everyone at least once. Your atomizer probably does not have anything strange, and today we will tell you about both the causes and the solutions to this problem.

So if you have typed in Google “My electronic cigarette is leaking”, you have found the right article that will help you understand why it happens and how you can solve it. Let’s get started right now!

3 (classic) reasons why your electronic cigarette is leaking liquid

1) Is liquid leaking from the electronic cigarette? Clean the atomizer, change the cotton and the resistance.

One of the first things you should ask yourself if your e cigarette starts to lose vaping liquids is the following: “How long has the atomizer been since I cleaned it?”. Remember that you must periodically replace the coil (the timing for changing the resistance is around 7 days, but in reality it all depends on the frequency of use of the E-Cig), change the cotton and wash the atomizer well.

Specifically, you should wash the atomizer well with running water at every cotton change and resistance; moreover you should periodically disassemble it in all its parts, wash it (always under hot running water) and sanitize it.

The sanitation methods can be different. Washing in the ultrasonic cleaner and soaking each part of the atomizer in hot water and bicarbonate / white wine vinegar, are some of the most used methods.

To remove any residue of dirt, we recommend that you help yourself with an old toothbrush or a mechanical brush. Use them gently.

Remember: a clean atomizer is a functional atomizer. Changing the cotton if necessary, the resistance and washing and sanitizing the electronic cigarette are essentials, so that it does not lose liquid. Although they may seem boring procedures, if you want to use the E-Cig you have to consider its maintenance and cleaning.

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2) Does the electronic cigarette leak liquid? The problem could be the E-Liquid.

There are e-cigarette liquids that have a composition unsuitable for certain e-cigarettes. For example, E-Liquids with a PG / VG ratio of 50/50 (plus any vaping flavors and / or nicotine) are usually more suitable for entry level electronic cigarettes as they are fine even if the devices have very small air holes.

If you use a liquid with higher quantities of Propylene Glycol than Vegetable Glycerin on an entry level device, the density may be excessive and the liquid may not pass properly through the holes that allow the cotton to absorb them.

Consequently, the atomizer could lose liquid.

The exact same thing can happen in an opposite situation: even using e-cigarette liquids that are too fluid for non-entry level e-cigarettes could cause leaks. The cotton, in this case, absorbs too much liquid and cannot hold it, thus causing leakage from the atomizer.

To solve this you can use a liquid more suitable for your E-Cig: generally the more fluid liquids are good for electronic cigarettes with very small air holes, while the denser liquids are more suitable for devices with larger air holes. .

Therefore, the problem is due to the PG / VG concentration (remember that Propylene Glycol is denser than Vegetable Glycerin), not to the quantity of liquid nicotine nor to the percentage of electronic cigarettes flavours.

3 (classic) reasons why your electronic cigarette is leaking liquid 2

3) Electronic cigarette leaking liquid: check the wear status of the O’Ring.

If your E-Cigarette has suddenly started leaking liquid, the problem could be a very worn, broken or damaged O’ring. In this case the tank is no longer vacuum-packed and consequently loses liquid.

For this reason, periodically check the state of the gaskets of your electronic cigarette and always keep some spare O’ring: you never know when the E-Cig could start leaking liquid!

The tank, in fact, must always be hermetically closed. For this reason – in addition to the bad condition of the O’ring – also glass spinning, badly positioned gaskets and other damage to the tank could cause the leakage of E-liquid.

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Other possible reasons why the atomizer of your E-Cig is leaking liquid.

The reasons explained in the previous paragraphs are the most common regarding the loss of liquid from the electronic cigarette. But the reasons may also be others: the air hole closed, the battery not suitable for the atomizer, an overflow tank

The electronic cigarette is not an easy device to use and some circumstances (such as loss of E-Liquid) can lead you to strong doubts. But don’t worry: everything has a solution! Keep following our blog for information on e-cigarette liquids and other curiosities from the world of vaping. And if you want to buy the best vape products, visit the Terpy online shop now!