The substantial difference between e cig flavours and e liquids

difference between e cig flavours and e liquid

Modified on: 19/05/2023

E cigarette: ready e liquids or flavours? What you need to know before buying them

When you buy an electronic cigarette for the first time, generally the retailers do not offer you e liquid concentrates to be diluted but a ready e liquid.

Of course, this happens to avoid giving you too many notions all at once and to provide you with an entry level product that does its duty. A new vaper usually does not need too much information, but only his beautiful vaporous e-cig.

If you become attached to this world, it is more probable that your needs and desire to try every type of e cig liquid increase. So you may find yourself looking for very particular and still little known products.

There are no limits to the possible tastes of e cigarette liquid: from fruit to tobacco, from bakery to premium flavours. What you need to know before buying them, however, are some differences between ready e liquids, e liquid flavour concentrates and decomposed flavours.

Let’s go and see them now specifically, in order to give you an overview of the world of liquids for electronic cigarettes and the existing types.

Which e liquid UK to choose for the best vape?

difference between e cig liquid and flavours

Before starting to buy into an online webpage every e liquid, there are some small and simple guidelines you should know to have a better vaping experience.

What you should know is that manufacturers offer vape liquids mainly in 3 formats:

About ready liquids there is not a lot to talk about: these are ready-to-use liquids for electronic cigarettes, basically composed of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), e liquid flavours and can contain liquid nicotine.

Nicotine, by law, cannot exceed the percentage of 20mg / ml and cannot be sold in bottles greater than the quantity of 10ml (TPD, European amendment of 2017 which regulates products that contain nicotine).

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What we want to focus more on, however, is the difference between decomposed and concentrated flavours.

The substantial difference between concentrated and decomposed flavour

ready e liquids or e cig flavours

In both cases, these are flavours to be diluted, so it’s easy to get confused. Concentrated flavours can be of two types:

  • Synthetics: created in a laboratory with food flavorings
  • Organic: extracted from a real matrix (such as fruit, tobacco or more)

In many cases the concentrated flavours (those of tobacco are very common) are sold dissolved in a small quantity of PG (propylene glycol) and have a very high density. Usually the format of concentrated flavours on the market is 10ml.

The dilution in a vape base must be calculated: usually the manufacturer recommends a certain dosage or a specific range. However, this is not binding and you can, depending on your taste, try different dosages.

In any case, we recommend starting with a low percentage and possibly increasing it if you want a greater perception of the flavour. Without exaggerating, however, because you risk “overload” your taste buds and you would end up feeling less flavour.

The decomposed flavours, anyway, are sold in a particular format: a “chubby gorilla” bottle with a capacity of 60ml, with inside 20ml of flavour. To prepare the liquid, it is necessary to add 40ml of neutral base to the flavour according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

After shaking the DIY e liquid, it’s ready to be vaped, if there is no maturation recommended in the instructions. It is a type of e cig liquid that represents a middle ground between ready liquids and concentrated flavors.

In this way the vaper faces the world of dilution with a neutral base, which must be prepared previously to facilitate the steps. The more experienced are used to mix a large amount of neutral base (according to the tastes) to have available to dilute more flavours.

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In light of this, which one is better to choose?

You probably now have clearer ideas about the differences between e cigarette liquid and flavour but maybe you still don’t know which one is better to choose.

The truth is that there is no answer. Some producers sell their liquids in all three formats (ready to use, concentrated and decomposed flavours), others prefer only one or two categories.

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