Is your e-cigarette battery not working? Here are 6 possible causes.

The causes and solutions for the e-cigarette battery not working

Modified on: 06/12/2022

Your e-cigarette battery is not working, and you are trying to find out why? Here are six solutions to your doubts.

The battery is the beating heart of e-cigarettes.

Without it, it would not be possible to activate the whole process of turning e-cigarette liquids into vapour and thus vaping.

Like all other components, however, batteries do not last forever, and it can happen that they suddenly stop working.

Have you also realised that your e-cigarette battery is not working?

Are you trying to determine whether this is a temporary problem that can be solved, or whether the battery is completely dead?

If so, read on.

The following paragraphs will talk about the leading causes of an electronic cigarette battery malfunction and possible solutions.

Here’s what you should know.

Batteries that don't work

What are the most common causes of battery failure?

If your e-cigarette doesn’t charge or light up, the component that is not working correctly is likely the battery.

There are many reasons for this, but here are the most common.

Here they are one by one.

1) Shocks and flying from above

If your electronic cigarette battery does not work after your device has been subjected to a strong impact, it has likely been damaged beyond repair.

That said, don’t assume the worst immediately, as the battery may have shifted due to the impact: disassemble and reassemble it, then check if it works.

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2) Overheating

One of the reasons the e-cigarette battery sometimes fails is that it overheats due to prolonged use of the device.

E-cigarettes should be used in small doses and not for many hours at a time, as some vapers do.

If this is the reason for your device not switching on, wait a little while, and the battery will surely start working again, allowing you to enjoy your favourite vape liquids again.

If you don’t want it to become irreparably damaged, however, be more careful in this respect.

3) Your e-cigarette battery has come to the end of its life

Another reason your e-cigarette battery is not working could be that it is simply too old.

Are you wondering how long an e-cigarette battery lasts?

On average, it will last between two and three years, but only if you make good use of it.

Therefore, consider this and replace it with a new one if your battery is old.

4) The electronic cigarette does not make contact

Another of the most frequent causes of battery failure in a vaping device is a blockage in the electrical circuit.

If residues of e-cigarette liquids, flavourings, or dust reach the contacts, they can obstruct them and prevent the device from switching on.

However, if the components have not oxidised and a short circuit has not occurred, it is sufficient to clean the battery, and it will work again.

Cable and power supply for the e-cigarette battery

5) The battery is too low

If you have been using your e-cigarette until the battery is completely discharged, it is likely to take some time before it can absorb new energy.

If the battery does not show any signs of life after connecting the charger to the battery, do not be alarmed immediately, but wait at least 15 minutes, and it will probably start to charge.

6) The charger is defective

Before assuming that the e-cigarette battery is out of order, check that the problem is not with the charger.

You can use the charger’s power supply to try to charge another device, or you can try to charge the e-cigarette battery using another charger.

If you find nothing wrong with the battery, the problem is probably only with the USB cable, which is a component of the charger that wears out rapidly.

If this is the case, all you have to do is replace it.

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To conclude

As we have seen, there are many reasons why the battery of an e-cigarette may not function properly or not at all.

After reading this list, you too will be able to find out whether your e-cigarette no longer lights up because of the battery and whether it needs to be replaced or whether it can be put back into operation with a few tricks.

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