Is there such a thing as an electronic cigarette that doesn’t hurt? Here is the truth.

Is there a harmless electronic cigarette?

Modified on: 06/12/2022

Is using an electronic cigarette harmful, or is it possible to vape without risk? Find out how things stand.

As the use of electronic cigarettes has become more widespread, including among young people, more information has begun to circulate about the safety of their use.

Some people think that e-cigarettes are safe to use, while others strongly advise against them.

Which version is better to believe?

Is it safe to vape?

As is so often, the truth is in the middle, and it is possible to use an electronic cigarette that does not hurt.

The secret lies in using the right products in the right way.

Here are some clarifications and tips.

Boy using a quality electronic cigarette

Is an electronic cigarette bad for you? Here are the risks.

Suppose you have read or heard that using an electronic cigarette can be harmful. In that case, the reason is that there are also many products on the market that contain substances that are potentially harmful to humans and quality products.

What could be harmful to the body is not so much the use of the device itself, but certain ingredients that have been detected in vape liquids or the use of defective devices.

Before we continue, we would like to point out that there are many flavoured compounds for e-cigarettes on the market: in the United States alone, there are around seven thousand.

Between these and the many e-cigarette liquids produced around the world, of course, there are safe and potentially dangerous products.

But what are the incriminating substances they contain?

Let’s start by talking about flavourings.

Among the ingredients of flavourings for electronic cigarettes, potentially irritating substances have been identified, such as diacetyl, a flavouring widely used in the food sector (in butter), which is safe if swallowed.

However, if inhaled for long periods, it can irritate the respiratory system ad be associated with the onset of diseases such as bronchiolitis.

Essential oils, found in many e-cig flavourings, are also unsuitable for vaping, as they can be transformed by heat into toxic or even narcotic effects.

Among the ingredients of the e-liquid base, on the other hand, propylene glycol has come under fire in some respects.

It appears that this substance—which has always been used to create the smoke effect in the entertainment industry—can cause respiratory irritation if inhaled for too long and in large quantities.

Furthermore, suppose propylene glycol were to be used in a poor quality electronic cigarette that heats liquids more than necessary. In that case, it could produce substances such as formaldehyde and acetaldehyde (two substances that are considered carcinogenic if consumed in much higher doses than those inhaled with vaping).

In addition, traces of substances such as diethylene glycol (an additive in antifreeze liquids that is harmful to humans) have been found in some products.

Given this information, you are probably right to be alarmed.

However, remember that these are exceptional cases of harmful vaping products and devices.

So, it is possible to vape safely!

Let’s see how.

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How to use an electronic cigarette safely

The best way to vape without risking your health is to avoid buying products of dubious origin for economic reasons.

Products sold at much lower than average prices often conceal many dangers.

Regarding vape liquids, we’re talking about toxic or irritating ingredients, while in the tops of devices, the problems can be excessive overheating of the device—and, consequently, of the liquids—exploding batteries or other such issues.

Guy vaping with a nicotine-free e-cigarette
  • Buy only safe products
    Before buying a new e-cigarette base liquid, unique flavourings or ready-made liquids, make sure you only buy from reputable retailers.
  • Use compliant devices
    The electronic cigarette should also be chosen carefully: be wary of poor quality vaping devices, and always make sure that all components meet safety requirements and are certified.
  • Do not abuse nicotine
    Nicotine-free vaping with an electronic cigarette is possible and much healthier. If you are an ex-smoker, try to reduce the percentage of nicotine in your liquid as time goes by so that you can detoxify.
    On the other hand, if you have never smoked in your life and are new to the world of vaping, opt for nicotine-free vape liquids.
  • Vape in moderation
    As they say in many contexts, “too much is too much” is also true of vaping.
    Inhaling large quantities of e-cigarette liquids can be harmful, irritate the respiratory system, or cause other problems. Still, again, you also feel bad when you overeat or consume too much of any other substance: the secret is in moderation.

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To conclude

To answer the initial question, we can say that the electronic cigarette that does not harm can be described as a safe device, made according to current regulations, used exclusively with quality vape liquids, free of toxic or illegal substances, and better: nicotine-free.

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