Liquids and flavours for electronic cigarettes: how many flavours are there?

Electronic cigarette liquid flavors

Modified on: 06/12/2022

Are you wondering how many flavours and liquids for e-cigarettes you can choose from to vape in a way that is always satisfying? Here are our many proposals.

If you are starting to vape or an expert who would like to explore the world of liquids and flavours for electronic cigarettes to enjoy new vaping experiences, you are in the right place.

This article will talk about the best types of flavours and vape liquids that you can find on the market, focusing mainly on their taste.

Ready to go on a fragrant and fun journey?

Here are many suggestions for the best vaping moments.

Vaper refilling e-cigarette with liquid

Liquids and flavours for electronic cigarettes: the best for ex-smokers

In this fragrant voyage of discovering liquids and aromas for electronic cigarettes, we want to start with those most popular with ex-smokers; that is to say, those that allow you to have a satisfying vaping experience without missing the analogue cigarette.

We are, of course, talking about tobacco liquids!

Today, some exceptional vaping products simulate the taste and smell of the finest tobacco and mix it with many other aromas to create unique blends that are hard to resist.

Want some examples?

There are currently eight types of tobacco liquids available in our Terpy store, some of which faithfully simulate the typical taste of cigarettes. Others are more like cigar smoke, and still, others are exceptional.

Among the liquids enhanced with unique tobacco flavours is Lavender Tobacco, a cocktail of tobacco leaves, lavender, fresh scents such as mint, and spices and vanilla. In short, it is an exceptional mix of flavours!

Another liquid in which the classic taste of tobacco has been combined with other unique flavours is Summer Tobacco, a product characterised by floral and fruity flavours (such as banana, apple, and watermelon). Unusual.

The Sweet Tobacco liquid is also one of those that can make vaping memorable for ex-smokers who can’t give up the taste of tobacco and who like to try new combinations simultaneously.

Using this liquid, you will feel like vaping caramelised tobacco leaves: a real treat!

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Do you love fresh fruit flavours? Go for fruity liquids.

One of the reasons why the world of vaping is so popular among former smokers is that, in addition to the taste of tobacco, you can also vape many other flavours.

Fruity liquids are a great alternative to tobacco. In our Terpy store, you can find eight combinations of liquids with fruity flavours to suit all tastes.

Among the freshest is Exotic Liquid, White Melon and Peach Jam. For those particularly fond of red fruits, there is Red Berry, Red Jam and the sweetest flavour, Strawberry Cream.

Finally, the Liquorice liquid allows you to enjoy the combination of fruit and liquorice and Sambucoffe, the taste of the timeless spiked coffee.

Creamy liquids on Terpy

Fancy a sweet treat? Here are the best flavours for you.

Before you read the following few lines, get your mouth watering because if you love sweetness, you’ll be impressed by the flavours of the liquids we’re about to discuss.

As well as helping you to quit smoking analogue cigarettes, e-cigarettes also allow you to experience authentic ‘pampering’ moments.


With creamy liquids.

In our Terpy store, you can choose from ten different blends of liquids with sweet and irresistible aromas.

Are you curious about any of them?

One of the most popular creamy liquids is Lemon Cake. This product releases an intoxicating fresh lemon aroma that mixes with vanilla and other ingredients to create a taste like custard and reminds you of the incredible cakes of your childhood. A real treat!

Another evergreen that you can’t do without is the Cookies creamy liquid: the softness and roundness of the flavours in this liquid blend ideally give off a fantastic aroma of freshly baked biscuits, which makes even the most difficult days better. Definitely worth trying!

Then there is the Panettone liquid, reminiscent of one of the most joyful and eagerly awaited moments of the year, Sweet Custard, Coffee Cream, etc.

The tastes and scents of Terpy’s creamy liquids are among the most popular of all, and it is no coincidence that they are considered among the best e-cigarette flavours of 2021.

Special mixes for unique moments: try the special liquids.

You may find the solution in speciality liquids if you don’t know which type of liquid to opt for besides tobacco liquids.

What are they?

The products in this category in our Terpy store are perfect for all those looking for unusual and unique flavours.

Among the most popular liquids in this category, we would like to mention Fruit Chupito, a product that allows you to enjoy the taste of drunken fruit with your e-cigarette.

Then there is the Forbidden Fruit, a cheerful and wonderful mix of fruit and, of course, the timeless Bluesky: fresh and perfect for any time of day and time of year. Take a look at the liquids or speciality flavours page to find the one that suits you best!

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To conclude

As we have seen, there are many ready-to-drink liquids on offer (there are currently 32 in our store), and although there is plenty to choose from, you can also create your own personalised vape mixes.


Mix an electronic cigarette base liquid with our vape flavourings in the proportions you prefer.

For example, to flavour your e-liquid base, you can mix a tobacco flavour with a creamy or fruity flavour, or maybe you can decide to add a touch of freshness by adding the special Bluesky flavour.

There are so many ways to customise your e-liquid base. You just have to try to enjoy vaping differently every time!

Visit our store today and take advantage of guaranteed fast delivery. See you soon!