Characteristics of e-liquids that do not dirty your e-cig coils

The characteristics of liquids that do not dirty the coils

Modified on: 06/12/2022

Here is how to identify electronic cigarette liquids that do not make the coils excessively dirty

Have you heard that some vape liquids and flavourings make the coils dirtier than others?

That is indeed the case, and knowing which ones do can help you to extend the life of your e-cigarette resistors and thus save time and money.

Ready to know which ones?

Here are the characteristics of liquids that do not foul the coils.

Why is it essential to identify liquids that do not foul your coils?

Whether you’re an experienced vape or a newcomer to the vaping industry, you’ll find it very useful to learn which vape liquids won’t foul your coils.

Refill of a vape liquid that does not dirty the coil

The coil (or resistance) is a fundamental component of the electronic cigarette; it allows the atomiser to heat the liquids to be transformed into vapour.

However, for the coil to work correctly, it must be constantly cleaned and kept under control. Otherwise, both the vaporisation of the liquid and its aromas will suffer.

If you use a liquid that tends to soak in, you will be forced to service your e-cigarette very often, and this may ruin your relationship with vaping, which instead of being enjoyable, will become almost a chore.

By using a liquid that does not dirty the coil, you can clean your e-cigarette periodically, but without having to rush to do it at certain times to enjoy an excellent vaping experience.

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Coil-friendly liquids: here are the characteristics of those that are less dirty

When vaping and assessing the quality of e-cigarette components, it is essential to choose liquids carefully, not only according to your taste but also according to their composition.

The ingredients of e-cigarette liquids, in fact, and affecting the type of vapour emitted and the perception of aromas, also affect the durability of e-cig components. However, in this article, we will focus on the coil.

What are the distinctive elements of liquids that do not dirty the coils and increase their durability?

Let’s start with the base.

As you probably already know, base liquids comprise one part of propylene glycol and one part vegetable glycerine.

If you use an e-liquid base that contains these two ingredients in a 50/50 ratio, you will get the coil-less dirty. If you use one with a 70/30 ratio, on the other hand, the resistance of your e-cigarette will get dirty much more quickly.

Detail of the coil

More than the e-liquid base, the aromas have the most significant influence on the durability of a coil: these tend to soak into the resistive wire and cotton.

Flavourings for electronic cigarettes fall into two main categories: organic and synthetic.

Organic flavourings are extracted from naturally occurring raw materials (fruits, leaves, etc.) by maceration or percolation, while synthetic flavourings are essentially laboratory-grown.

Although organic flavourings are more intense and more faithful to natural scents, they also tend to make the coils dirtier; synthetic flavours, on the other hand, are a bit more “fake”, but they make the e-cigarette resistances much less dirty.

So, should organic liquids and resistors be considered enemies?

Organic liquids make more dirt, but they can be used without problems. The secret is choosing quality products and considering that certain flavours are more persistent than others.

In particular, it appears that the flavours that tend to commit to the resistance of cotton the most are those of creamy liquids, and by taking this into account, you can organise your vaping experience better.

For example, you could start using your new coil with one of the best synthetic tobacco liquids and switch to a creamy liquid only in the pre-service phase.

To summarise: e-cigarette liquids that dirty the coils the least have a 50/50 ratio of vegetable glycerine to propylene glycol and contain synthetic flavourings.

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To conclude

After reading this, you will understand why the coil gets dirty faster when using certain types of e-liquid, and when using others, it stays clean longer.

Liquids containing organic flavours tend to get dirtier, but they are usually the most pleasant; synthetics get dirtier.

If you prefer not to give up the former and don’t want to be a slave to cleaning the coil, the secret is to alternate between the two, the best way to enjoy your vaping experience!

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