What is a drip tip for and why is it important?

What is the drip tip for and why is it important?

Modified on: 27/05/2024

Learn more about the e-cigarette drip tip: find out what it is, what it is used for and how its features affect your vaping experience

Contrary to what it may seem at first glance, electronic cigarettes are not a single unit but consist of many components: the drip tip.

The drip tip is the tip of the electronic cigarette, which is in direct contact with the lips and through which the liquid is sucked into the atomiser.

Here you can find out what the drip tip is used for and why it is essential to use the right one to enjoy the best vaping experience.

Drip tip: A component that makes all the difference

For your vaping experience to be enjoyable in all respects and choosing the suitable atomiser, a sufficiently powerful battery and, in general, a system that allows you to get the type of shot you prefer, it is also essential to choose the ideal nozzle.

Real dripping

The drip tip is more than just the part from which the vapour of e-cigarette liquids escapes

Depending on the shape, size and material of the drip tip, the feeling on the lips and the approach to vaping can change.

A round and not too large drip tip, for example, could be perfect for ex-smokers who have switched from analogue to electronic cigarettes.

On the other hand, a wider nozzle will best satisfy those who like to vape with e-cigarettes for lung shots.

Not only that. The drip tip can affect the heat of the vapour, the formation of condensation, the yield of aromas and many other aspects.

In short, forget about the idea that the e-cigarette tip is just a kind of straw from which to draw vape liquids because it is not!

Having explained how important it is to use the right drip tip, we would like to show you how to choose the proper nozzle.

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Tips for choosing the ideal drip tip

Although there are a lot of attractively designed drip tips on the market, they are not intended for purely aesthetic purposes. On the contrary, they have essential functions.

In particular, depending on their shape, size and material, the drip tips can significantly influence the performance of the atomiser and improve or worsen the vaping experience.

Let us go into detail.

If you are going to buy a new drip tip for your e-cigarette, you should consider these characteristics:

  • shape; 
  • material;
  • dimensions.

If you look at what’s on the market, you’ll realise that there are both round and flat e-cigarette tips in different sizes. 

Then there are aluminium and steel nozzles (they are very durable but tend to heat a lot), ceramic, glass, and porcelain nozzles (beautiful and comfortable, but very delicate), plastic, wood, resin and many other materials.

Find out what the e-cigarette drip tip is for
  • Steam temperature
  • If you like a particularly hot vapour, a short plastic drip tip is ideal for you.
  • By shortening the vapour path from the atomiser to the lips, the cooling of the vapour is reduced. At the same time, the insulating properties of the plastic also prevent heat from escaping.
  • Aroma yield
  • The choice of the nozzle also has a significant influence on the perception of e-cigarette flavours added to the e-liquid base.
  • For example, 510 drip tips with a small draw hole (2-3 cm) are recommended for cheek shots, as they provide a more natural type of draw and enhance the yield of vape flavours.
  • 810 drip tips with a larger draw hole, however, promote the production of more significant amounts of vapour (recommended for lung shots) but do not enhance the aromas and flavours of tobacco, creamy and all other categories of liquids.
  • The material also influences here: plastic may alter the aromas; metal, delrin, stone, and ceramic do not.
  • Sensation on the lips
  • Depending on the shape of the nozzle, the material, and the size, the sensation on the lips may also change.
  • If you use an e-cigarette to kick the smoking habit, we recommend that you choose a drip tip that reminds you as much as possible of the shape and size of an analogue cigarette. It will make quitting smoking less traumatic.
  • Also, choose a material that will give you the warm feeling you are looking for. Metal, according to some vapers, is too hot, while others find it pleasant.

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To conclude

Having clarified the importance of the drip tip in an electronic cigarette and all the factors it affects, you should now have more precise ideas.

It should be clear to you, for example, that the choice of the drip tip should not be based on aesthetic taste.

Of course, the eye is also essential, but if you want to be satisfied with your vaping experience, you should focus on the features first and then on the style.

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Choose from liquids, flavours, bases and liquid nicotine and have fun trying out new vaping experiences.

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