What vaping is and why it’s the best way to quit smoking

Vaping: why it is the best solution to quit smoking and what it means

Modified on: 16/05/2022

Here’s a detailed explanation of what vaping means (and how to stop smoking with an electronic cigarette)

Vaping is one of the most commonly used neologisms of the moment, not only among young people but especially among adults who, with the desire to give up cigarette smoking for good, are adopting this recent practice. But what does vaping mean? What is the definition of this strange term?

You’ve probably been hearing about it for a long time, but you still don’t understand what it means, which is why you’re reading this article today.

Today we are going to focus on the meaning of vaping and the device that gave birth to it: the electronic cigarette.

Vaping: meaning and definition of the term

The verb “to vape” indicates the act of using an electronic cigarette, the most popular device to quit smoking.

This verb basically derives from the fact that the electronic cigarette, by heating, vaporises particular liquids (in jargon “svapo liquids” or “e-liquid”) inhaled by the user. This user is called a vapee or, more commonly, a vaper.

Woman in the act of vaping the electronic cigarette

Specifically, vaping means inhaling and exhaling the vapour emitted by the electronic cigarette, an act that mimics the gesture of using a classic cigarette… But which is much less harmful to the lungs.

Are you wondering what an electronic cigarette is and how it works? In the following lines, you will find the answer to all your doubts.

What is an electronic cigarette and how does it work?

An electronic cigarette is a device consisting of the following elements

  • rechargeable battery
  • electrical circuit
  • atomizer (a component needed for atomisation)
  • electrical resistance (a coil also called head coil), which is located inside the atomizer
  • reservoir (called a tank), which contains the e-cigarette liquids
  • mouthpiece (called a drip tip), from which the vapour escapes

What does it mean to vape with this device?

Basically, the vaper fills the e-cigarette tank with liquids consisting of vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, vape flavourings and possibly liquid nicotine.

He then presses a button (or, in mechanical devices, starts to inhale immediately), brings the drip tip to his mouth and takes a puff, inhaling the vapour into his mouth and then into his lungs or directly into his lungs.

In fact, the electronic cigarette circuit heats up the vaping liquids to the point of vaporisation, which is then inhaled by the user.

This act very accurately simulates the use of a classic cigarette. In addition, the presence of nicotine in the liquids prevents a relapse into smoking, which is far more harmful than vaping.

Vaping without nicotine is 100% possible and should be the goal of every person who uses an electronic cigarette. In fact, e-liquids have a nicotine content that can be adjusted to suit the needs of the individual vaper, who should gradually reduce the percentage to the much-needed 0.

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Right now you are probably asking yourself: “Is an electronic cigarette bad for you? You will find the answer in the following paragraph.

Is vaping bad or not? Is an analogue or an electronic cigarette more harmful?

Now that you know what vaping is, how to use an e-cigarette and the composition of e-cigarette liquids, you might assume that using an e-cigarette is bad for your health.

In reality, there are no studies that can attest to any harm from the electronic cigarette; moreover, current vapers are ex-smokers, who have a history of health problems caused by smoking. Therefore, the medical and scientific world cannot exactly say “vaping is bad for your lungs” or “vaping is good for your health”.

It must surely be considered that inhaling (frequently) something other than water vapour can be potentially harmful to the respiratory tract.

However, if we compare e-cigarette use to smoking, we can safely say that e-cig vapour does significantly less damage than cigarette smoke. (source: AIRC, Is the electronic cigarette less dangerous than the tobacco cigarette?)

In fact, the combustion of tobacco – and any other material – produces over 4000 toxic substances, at least 400 of which are carcinogenic. Substances that a smoker inhales every day, several times a day… Often irreparably damaging their health.

Traditional cigarette smoking kills

Firstly, the electronic cigarette prevents people from introducing these substances into their bodies. Secondly, it leads to the abandonment of nicotine.

It appears, however, that heating propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine can produce formaldehyde and acetaldehyde, substances which, in higher doses than those taken in a single tank (i.e. about 3ml of vaping liquid), are considered carcinogenic.

The 2 carcinogenic substances of vaping are significantly lower than the 400 of smoking, but still not zero. Therefore, once the nicotine addiction has been overcome, it would be wise to stop vaping as well.

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In conclusion

Finally, you know what vaping means and what the device is that gave birth to this new word in the British dictionary!

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