Variable voltage e-cigarette: how does it work?

Variable voltage e-cigarette: how does it work?

Published on: 27/10/2023


Among the many options available on the e-cigarette market are variable voltage devices, e-cigs that allow you to change the voltage and thus change the vaping experience.

Just like adjusting the wattage, the voltage can also affect the aroma of vaping and thus the perceived taste. This is why variable voltage e-cigarettes are not suitable for all vapers, but for a specific category of enthusiasts, the more experienced ones.

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How a Variable Voltage Electronic Cigarette Works

Before we understand how a variable voltage e-cig works, let us define what the volt is. Named after the scientist Alessandro Volta, it is the unit of measurement of the potential difference between two points in an electric field traversed by a constant current of one ampere. In other words, it measures the intensity of the electrical voltage.

Many vapers confuse volts and watts, but these are two different units of measurement. The voltage actually indicates the voltage inside the battery: the greater the voltage, the faster the e-cigarette’s resistance heats up.

Watts, on the other hand, are the product of the formula V x A (Ampere).

How a Variable Voltage Electronic Cigarette Works

The nominal voltage of an e-cig, usually 3.7 V, is the average operating voltage: it can rise to 4.2 V when the battery is fully charged and fall to about 3.3 V when it is empty.

By varying the voltage, the aromaticity and density of the vapour can be modified: together with watts, it is therefore one of the fundamental parameters for customising the vaping experience.

As a rule, the advice is not to exceed 4 V of power.

To calculate power, one must take into account that watts, volts and resistance are all interconnected via Ohm’s law. The formula for calculating power is this: V x V/resistance.

Variable-voltage electronic cigarettes are mostly so-called electronic “boxes”, which allow you to control various factors fundamental to vaping and are equipped with protection systems, e.g. against overheating.

The batteries can be single or double, integrated or removable and have a greater or lesser autonomy: as mentioned, the voltage affects the operating voltage, so depending on the wattage used, it is a good idea to choose a battery with a nominal wattage that guarantees the desired output.

Advantages and disadvantages of electronic cigarettes with variable voltage

An electronic cigarette with variable voltage has some undoubted advantages, but also some disadvantages, especially for novice e-cigarette users.

The main advantage is the possibility of customising vaping: by changing the voltage, it is possible to increase the battery voltage and heat the battery more quickly, thus influencing the production of vapour (more or less dense) and the intensity of the e-liquid flavour.

The disadvantages, on the other hand, are still related to the possibility of customisation: vaping while being able to set the voltage requires a good knowledge of the e-cig, how it works and how parameters such as voltage, but also watts and vaping temperature should be changed. An error could not only compromise the flavour of the liquid, but also damage the battery (overheating it) or other ‘sensitive’ parts of the e-cig, such as the atomiser.

This is why variable voltage boxes should be considered primarily by experienced vapers who know how an e-cigarette works and how to adjust the voltage to improve their vaping without damaging the device; on the other hand, newcomers to e-cigarettes should opt for an entry level and then upgrade to more sophisticated models.

Pros: greater customization and battery life

Cons: greater complexity and the risk of overheating.

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How a Variable Voltage Electronic Cigarette Works

Why choose a variable voltage cigarette?

The answer lies in one of the advantages already mentioned: customization. A cigarette that allows you to change the voltage makes it possible to find the perfect “formula” for vaping: finding the right intensity of vapor and grasping the nuances of the e-liquid also depends on the ratio of voltage to watts, which in electronic boxes can be very large.

As can be easily guessed and as we have already mentioned, in order to change delicate parameters such as voltage and watts it is advisable to have a good knowledge of how the relationship between the two parameters works and how this affects vaping.

Finding the right voltage is crucial to finding perfect liquid density and flavour nuances.

In conclusion

Variable voltage electronic cigarettes allow the voltage inside the battery to be altered, thus changing the density of the vapor and the flavour concentration of the liquid.

Boxes usually allow customization of the voltage in addition to the watts, but it is good to know in depth how the relationship between the two parameters works. Getting the settings wrong can ruin both the vaping experience and the device itself.

That is why the electronic cigarette is recommended especially for experienced vapers.