Electronic cigarette with large tanks: yes or no?

Electronic cigarette with large tanks: yes or no?

Published on: 23/10/2023


Electronic cigarettes with a large tank, capable of holding large amounts of liquid, may at first sight seem to be the ideal solution for everyone: there is no need to constantly refill the tank, they can last a day – or several days – without any problems, they often also have better performing batteries.

Yet, they are not recommended for all vapers.

Let us see what the characteristics of electronic cigarettes with large tanks are and to whom they are recommended for purchase.

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Electronic cigarettes with large tanks: the features

There are many types of e-cigs on the market: pods, so-called ‘tubes’ and box mods (and big boxes).

Electronic cigarettes with large tanks are usually box mods, rectangular-shaped devices designed to be held comfortably in the hand.

Box mods and big boxes can be mechanical or electronic. In general, they consist of:

Electronic cigarettes with large tanks

  • one or more batteries, built-in or removable;
  • a cleromiser (atomiser with a transparent tank) consisting of a reservoir in which to put e-cig liquid;
  • an electrical circuit that allows one or more functions to be regulated (if the box is electronic).

In mechanical boxes, the circuit regulating the vaping functions is absent.

The dimensions can vary, as can the materials (plexiglass, steel, aluminium, even wood) and the workmanship (industrial or craft).

The operation is similar to that of all other electronic cigarettes: the battery “sends” energy to the heating element which, as it heats up, enables the production of vapour, usually a larger quantity than in pods.

Some box models are equipped with an LCD screen or an LED screen: it is thus possible to control and change various vaping parameters (power, temperature, bypass, type of vaping, etc.) by means of special buttons.

Boxes, especially big boxes, have greater autonomy than pods, especially if they are equipped with a double battery. Obviously, the tank also has a greater capacity than pods. Box mods have the advantage of being customisable: apart from battery autonomy, one can choose the size of the tank, which resistance to use, the vaping power, etc.

Apart from box mods, however, we can also find electronic cigarettes in tubes or pods with large reservoirs: whereas the average content usually ranges from 0.8 to 2 ml, we can find models with a larger capacity, e.g. 5 ml.

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Why choose an electronic cigarette with a large tank

Let us try to answer the question in the title: electronic cigarette with large tank yes or no?

As we have seen in other cases, the answer is “it depends“. There are some types of vapers who can easily do without, others who would do well to opt for a box mod or at least an e-cig with a large tank.

The first aspect to consider is the number of traditional cigarettes smoked. We know that the main purpose of the e-cigarette is to help smokers kick the habit (and the case of England is emblematic), so before choosing the ideal device, one should consider whether one is a heavy smoker or not.

In principle, those who smoke less than 10 cigarettes per day can safely opt for an entry-level, small and compact cigarette with a small or medium-sized tank.

Why choose an electronic cigarette with a large tank

Those accustomed to smoking between 10 and 20 cigarettes per day may choose a large tube cigarette with a good range and an interchangeable tank: the needs are certainly greater than for an occasional smoker and a “mini” pod with a small tank may be insufficient.

A heavy smoker should instead choose an electronic cigarette with a large tank: the size and capacity in this case allow one to vape with a single e-cigarette liquid refill for one or more days. Add to this the fact that large tank boxes are often equipped with batteries with a longer autonomy than pods.

Another aspect to consider is the level of experience with e-cigs. If a smoker wants to try an e-cigarette and find out if it is right for him, it is best to start with a pre-filled disposable pod (which, let us remember, should never be refilled) and see if the vaping experience is satisfactory.

On the contrary, models that contain more e-liquid (5-8ml and more) are suitable for the more experienced, not least because they often allow you to control functions, vaping power for example, that beginners have not yet mastered.

If you are (or were) a heavy smoker and already have some experience with electronic cigarettes, a device with a nice big tank may be right for you. But if you are a first-time e-cig user and do not even smoke that much, start with a basic, easy-to-use, no-frills e-cigarette: with experience, you can decide whether to upgrade to a larger model or not.

In conclusion

An e-cigarette with a large tank is suitable for people who smoke a lot of traditional cigarettes and have been using e-cigs for a while.

Beginners, on the other hand, can start with an entry-level model and then decide whether to upgrade to a vaping device with more features and a larger tank, always remembering that an e-cigarette is for quitting smoking: if you don’t vape, then don’t start!