Electronic cigarette with overheating protection: these are the main advantages

Electronic cigarette with overheating protection

Published on: 19/10/2023


One of the problems of e-cigarette use is overheating.

Some models, however, have an overheating protection system: the advantages are numerous, but even with an e-cig without a protection device, with a few tricks, you can avoid the trouble caused by overheating.

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Causes of electronic cigarette overheating

An electronic cigarette is an electronic device which, like a smartphone or tablet, can suffer from overheating problems.

The causes of overheating can be many:

Causes of electronic cigarette overheating

  • Excessive use;
  • Excessively high voltage (in e-cigs where it can be modified);
  • Battery defects or worn battery wrap;
  • E-cig left in the sun or near heat sources;
  • Vaping too fast;
  • Improperly calibrated temperature.

Some of these are caused by misuse, others by environmental causes. Apart from certain behaviours to avoid damage, to avoid these problems we can choose an electronic cigarette with overheating protection.

Electronic cigarettes with overheating protection: features and main advantages

There are various e-cig models on the market with overheating protection devices, which can cause irreparable or very serious damage, forcing expensive repairs or replacements.

Usually the most sophisticated electronic cigarettes are equipped with overheating protection systems, but we can also find inexpensive models with such a function. It is all the more reason for beginners, those who have just started vaping, to risk using e-cigs incorrectly, and therefore need safety devices such as overheating protection.

Most devices with an overheating protection system alert the vapers when a certain temperature, usually 75° C, is reached.

The main advantage is to avoid inadvertently overheating the electronic cigarette due to excessive vaping or inattention: it can happen to all of us to forget our smartphone or other electronic device in the sun, and the same applies to the electronic cigarette.

In both cases, the overheating protection system intervenes by signalling the danger, so that the device is switched off or put on standby.

The other advantage, linked to the first, is the longer life of the electronic cigarette: overheating can ruin the device and force it to be changed. With an efficient protection system, overheating can be avoided and the life of the electronic cigarette extended.

If, in addition to overheating protection, the cigarette also has protection against short circuits and low voltage, the chances of damaging the device are greatly reduced.

Finally, an e-cig with overheating protection provides a more pleasant vaping experience. Often, overheating causes the sensation of burnt e-liquid in the mouth.

An overheating protection system avoids this dreadful sensation because it prevents the problem from occurring in the first place, but the cause could also be the atomiser coil that needs to be replaced.

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How to prevent an electronic cigarette from overheating (and what to do if it happens)


Purchasing a model with an overheating protection system helps to avoid the greatest damage, but there are certain behaviours that can be adopted to prevent the electronic cigarette from overheating.

Vaping too fast: to prevent overheating, you should vape more slowly and with longer pauses.

Leaving an e-cigarette in the sun or near a heat source: Regardless of whether it is fitted with a protection system or not, to prevent overheating, avoid leaving it in the sun or near heat sources such as stoves, heaters, heat pumps, etc.

How to prevent an electronic cigarette from overheating

Wrongly calibrated temperature: Usually, the boiling temperature is around 200°C, but the important thing is not to exceed 240°C. If this happens and there is a possibility of adjusting the temperature, the temperature must be lowered slightly and check whether the problem is solved.

Battery or atomiser to be replaced: every so often it is a good idea to check whether the battery (or battery pack) needs to be replaced, as well as the atomiser coil.

Defective battery: It may be that the battery is defective. If the e-cig is still under warranty, you can take it back to the place where you bought it and replace it, if it is out of warranty you can buy a new battery (if it can be replaced).

If the e-cig overheats, the first thing to do is to switch it off and, if possible, remove the battery until it cools down. Then check whether the atomizer needs to be replaced or whether there is a problem with the vaping temperature (and whether it is possible to lower it).

Buying an electronic cigarette with an overheating protection system means avoiding much of the damage associated with this problem, which can impair the vaping experience and ruin the device.

In conclusion

Overheating can damage, sometimes irreparably, an electronic cigarette. However, there are several e-cig models on the market, even entry-level ones, with overheating protection systems that can prevent this annoying problem.

There are, however, a few things to do to avoid overheating: avoid leaving the e-cig near heat sources, do not vape too quickly, replace the atomiser (or just the atomiser coil) periodically.

It should be added that it is good to buy quality devices from reliable retailers, who sell guaranteed and safe products such as Terpy.shop.