Electronic cigarette: is it worth it, or is it all a hoax?

Should I switch to electronic cigarette or not?

Modified on: 06/12/2022

Do you want to know whether switching to e-cigarettes is worthwhile or not? Here are the answers, considering both the health and economic factors.

Doubts about the safety and convenience of electronic cigarettes are the order of the day.

Some fear that switching from an analogue cigarette to vaping will increase the damage to their health, and those who, thinking about the initial investment for the device, fear that they will spend much more.

Is vaping with an electronic cigarette worthwhile, or is it just what some people are trying to make us believe?

In the following, we will give you practical examples based on accurate data and explain why vaping is beneficial.

Here are all the explanations.

Cough caused by smoking

Electronic cigarettes and health problems exist, or is vaping beneficial?

Most people who choose to use an electronic cigarette do so because they are trying to kick the habit of the analogue cigarette and its associated harm.

However, is it worthwhile to switch to an electronic cigarette, or does it also cause damage to health?

The answer is yes. Switching to vaping is very beneficial.

First, you eliminate all the damage associated with combustion.

Many toxic and irritating substances are released when you light up a cigarette, such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide, tar, methylamine, toluene, acrolein, etc. The harmful substances that enter the atmosphere when you light up a cigarette are also released. After smoking a cigarette, many toxic substances enter the body: about a hundred!

The operation of e-cigarettes, on the other hand, does not involve any of these, as the heating for the vaporisation of e-cigarette liquids takes place at much lower temperatures.

Moreover, you have probably heard that an e-cigarette cleanses the lungs.

In a way, yes.

When you switch from an analogue cigarette to an e-cigarette, your body starts a cleansing process, which mainly manifests itself in the expulsion of mucus.


The smoke from conventional cigarettes is full of irritants that disrupt the functioning (and/or cause the death) of the hair cells in the epithelium of the respiratory tract.

At the same time, the respiratory epithelium produces mucus to defend itself against harmful substances in smoke, which should be carried to the pharynx by the cilia.

However, if the cilia fail to function, mucus builds up, leading to various respiratory diseases and chronic coughing.

When you start to vape, the cilia can gradually resume their activity, allowing the body to eliminate the mucus and thus function better!

We would also like to conclude this health section by pointing out that switching to vaping means you can break free from nicotine addiction without suffering the effects of withdrawal.

By gradually decreasing the dose of nicotine in your vape liquids until you can use an electronic cigarette without nicotine!

Now let’s do the maths.

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Can you save money with an electronic cigarette?

In addition to the health issue, many people wonder whether switching to an electronic cigarette is also cost-effective, and the answer is definitely yes!

Keep in mind that smokers who consume one packet of cigarettes per day (which costs an average of 5 euros) spend approximately 1800 euros in a year (about 150 euros per month)!

When switching to vaping, on the other hand, you first have to buy a device, then you have to consider that over time, you will need to replace some parts, and of course, there is also the expense of e-cigarette liquids, vape flavours, etc.

Saving Money from Electronic Cigarette

To buy an e-cigarette and a few spare parts, you will initially spend around 60 euros (usually less), and within a year, considering any expenses, you will pay about 600 euros.

On the other hand, the average smoker will spend around 280/290 euros per year for liquids.

The result?

To vape in a year, you spend about 900 euros, compared to the 1800 you pay to smoke the classic cigarettes: a significant saving!

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To conclude

Switching from an analogue cigarette to an electronic cigarette is very convenient in many ways.

We have summarised the main points here, but the advantages of taking this step do not end there. Many studies are increasingly confirming that those who start using e-cigarettes can get rid of the harmful habit of smoking much more quickly.

If you would like to kick the smoking habit and save money every month while improving your health, choose the e-cigarette of your choice, electronic cigarette liquids with or without nicotine and embark on this new path.

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