Vaping only glycerol? These are the risks you have

By vaporizing glycerol alone, you run risks

Published on: 17/09/2021

Is a liquid with only glycerine harmful?

Many vape lovers have an allergy to “classic” e cigarette liquid due to the presence of propylene glycol (PG). If you also have this annoying problem, you may need to vape only glycerol, namely vegetable glycerin too, to avoid the side effects of PG.

In fact, propylene glycol can cause allergies that occur during or immediately after using the e-cigarette. Symptoms of PG allergy are usually these:

  • airway irritation,
  • increased secretions from the nose,
  • swelling of the tongue and mouth,
  • pain or discomfort in the throat.

Therefore, it’s advisable that anyone experiencing these symptoms immediately abandon propylene glycol and use a only vegetable glycerin liquid. But what does this practice involve?

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The consequences of vaping only glycerol

Are you wondering what happens if you decide to smoke only vegetable glycerin? Let’s find the answer in the composition of this substance: it is a very dense and viscous product, odorless and with a slightly sweet taste.

Vaping only VG would make your vaping e liquid very difficult to nebulize, because the cotton of the resistance would have many difficulties absorbing the undiluted glycerol.

The cotton of the atomizer, when it is not completely sprayed with liquid, has an annoying burnt taste … which in this case would not be mitigated by the presence of e cig flavours.

To avoid these discomforts (difficulty in nebulization and a neutral or, sometimes, burnt taste), we recommend diluting the glycerol with water and adding a few drops of flavour.

Vaping only glycerol has consequences

How to dilute vegetable glycerin with water and vaping flavours

There are no side effects of liquids with just glycerin, as long as they are diluted with small percentages of water and there are several drops of vaping flavours.

The reason for these measures is simple: vaping vegetable glycerin is not harmful, but without a flavour you would lose the pleasure of using the electronic cigarette.

As for the quantities of flavour, these should be more abundant than those used with a PG VG e-liquid base. In fact, glycerol transports the molecules of flavours with less efficiency than glycol.

And the water?

It should be demineralized and needs to make the liquid more fluid, so that the cotton of the resistence is able to absorb it better and give you a better vaping experience.

Making a liquid of this kind is not difficult: you will simply have to prepare a base liquid ecig with 80% glycerol and 20% demineralized water.

If you are also interested in nicotine, read the following paragraph.

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Electronic cigarettes liquids with glycerol and liquid nicotine

You can also add nicotine shots to your eliquids, preparing a mixture with vegetable glycerin, demineralized water, liquid nicotine and flavours.

However, you have to consider that some nicotine shots are diluted in PG + VG… But not ours!

To avoid allergies and satisfy all our customers, we at Terpy dilute nicotine in vegetable glycerin alone. Consequently, you will have absolutely no problems of intolerance to propylene glycol, precisely because our nicotine shots do not contain it.

However, in order to prepare an excellent vaping liquid, you must consider the percentages of VG present in the bases (10 ml each) and added to the liquid.

The liquids for your electronic cigarette with liquid nicotine and glycerol

Not just recipes: if you want to vape only glycerol, pay attention to the electronic cigarette too!

The characteristics and performance of the electronic cigarette (mostly of the ecig atomizer) are essential to ensure a good vaping experience.

For example, if you want to vape only VG, you need to consider an atomizer for Cloud Chasing. The characteristics of one of these devices are mainly summarized in the greater width of all the holes.

The diameter of the atomizer and the holes must be very wide. In fact, it is necessary that the coil has a high capacity to absorb liquids (very dense due to the prevalence of glycerol).

Atomizers of this kind must be accompanied by an equally performing battery.

Don’t worry: simply google “e-cigarettes trick” or “e-cigarettes cloud chasing” and you’ll find everything you need to vaporize your high-VG liquids.

In conclusion

Making an e liquid base with only vegetable glycerin could significantly worsen your vaping experience. For this reason, we recommend adding small quantities of demineralised water to the glycerol and then several drops of flavour.

In this way, your vaping liquids will be fluid and tasty and, using an e-cigarette for Cloud Chasing, you can enjoy moments of relaxation even without the use of Propylene Glycol.

So what are you waiting for? Buy now your vegetable glycerin e liquid base, electronic cigarette flavours and any nicotine shots on Terpy. We are waiting for you!