Vaping and coughing: 5 tips to permanently resolve it

Vaping and coughing: tips to solve the problem

Modified on: 06/12/2022

Does vaping make you cough? Here’s how to solve in a simple and fast way

The use of the electronic cigarette is sometimes related to annoying coughs that penalize the vaping experience. In fact, vaping and coughing never get along and if you have this problem it would be advisable to solve it as soon as possible, perhaps by changing the concentration of e-cigarette liquid or avoiding certain behaviors.

Today we will talk to you about the coughs associated with the electronic cigarette and we will give you 5 tips to solve immediately. You can apply them at the same time or find the most likely one with your case and start with that.

1) If you have a sore throat from the electronic cigarette, just lower the percentages of Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol (PG) – which makes up vaping liquids together with Vegetable Glycerin (VG), e cigarette flavours and any liquid nicotine – can cause throat irritation that often causes cough. Not only that: it can cause allergy, swelling in the mouth and increase the production of mucus from the nose and lungs.

If you have percentages of PG that exceed those of VG, then this could be the cause of your problem. Propylene Glycol, in addition to causing any irritation, gives a very high HIT (hit in the throat) that could trigger annoying coughs.

Those who wonder how to smoke an electronic cigarette without coughing often do not consider that they should use a liquid with a VG/PG ratio of 50/50 or 30/70, in order to mitigate the side effects of PG. Not only that: even the high amount of nicotine could cause significant troubles.

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2) Cough because of the e-cigarette? Check the nicotine percentages

If you make e-cigarette liquids at home or have chosen high amounts of nicotine in ready-made liquids, it is possible that this is the trigger for your cough. Try diluting more of the product by increasing the percentages of PG/VG or buy e liquid with lower nicotine than the one you use.

For example, on Terpy you will find liquids with maximum nicotine at 13.3 mg/ml, but if you have a sore throat and cough while vaping you could try liquid nicotine at 6.7 or 3.3 mg/ml.

Pay attention to the quantities of liquid nicotine especially in the DL shot: if you adopt this technique we advise you to use a maximum of 4 mg/ml to avoid coughing. If you use a MTL vape then you could also use higher amounts (although, to quit smoking, we suggest gradually lowering them down to 0).

3) Check the cleanliness of the electronic cigarette and the status of the resistance

Coughs because of vaping can appear when the electronic cigarette has not been cleaned properly (or has not been cleaned quite recently) or the resistance is spent/burned. Try to remember the last time you maintained your e-cigarette and, if necessary, wash it well by soaking it in water and bicarbonate.

By opening the electronic cigarette, you can also check the status of the resistance and of the cotton: if it is necessary to change them, then perhaps this is the reason for your cough!

Check the resistance of the electronic cigarette and its cleanliness

4) DL vaping and coughing? Maybe it’s not for you and your body reacts like that

If you cough while vaping and have an electronic cigarette with very large holes, therefore suitable for cloud chasing and DL shooting, perhaps the device may not be suitable for your needs. Do you have any friends who use an e-cig for MTL vaping? Then ask him to try his device and see if you feel better with it and cough less.

Maybe you really need to abandon the DL shot e-cigarette and use one with narrower holes and less dense vapor cloud emission.

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5) Have you abandoned the analog cigarette? If you haven’t yet done so, this could be the reason for your cough

Many people, instead of definitively abandoning the analog cigarette when they start using electronics, use both. This is absolutely not recommended behavior.

First of all because the electronic cigarette loses its usefulness (that is to lead people to stop smoking permanently). Secondly, because smoking and vaping are completely different ways.

If, on the other hand, you continue to smoke the cigarette, you continue to use the same “technique” even with the e-cig, and this could cause you discomfort resulting in a cough. Are you sure that your throat is not irritated by the classic cigarette smoke instead of the steam?

The cough could be from the analog cigarette if you still smoke it!

If you are unable to abandon the analog cigarette because of nicotine, try increasing the quantities of this substance in the vape liquid with nicotine (then decreasing it gradually). And of course, don’t buy cigarette packs anymore!

In conclusion

The e-cigarette cough could occur for a variety of reasons. Today we have listed the top 5 reasons why a person tends to cough while vaping, and we have also given you the solutions to solve it right now.

Check now what could lead you to cough and fix it with our tips. And don’t forget: buy the best vape products on Terpy now!