The problem of smells in BF bottles

Odors in BF bottles: solve the problem

Published on: 13/09/2021

Electronic cigarette & vaping: opinions about cleaning bottom feeder silicone bottle

When you use multiple types of vaping liquids in the same e-cig, cleaning the tank is very important but the worst problem is the smell of silicone in the bottom feeder (BF) vape. The power supply of the coil of a bottom feeder system is done manually pressing a silicone bottle that acts as an e-liquid tank.

The bottle is located inside the box (specially built for BF vaping) and is connected to the atomizer via a tube. Its operation is very simple: by applying a slight pressure on the bottle, the e cigarette liquid spray the cotton of the resistance and the excess liquid is sucked back when the bottle is released.

This technique is called squonk.

The problem we are talking about today mainly concerns the persistence of the silicone odor in new bottles for BF, but also that of the change of e-liquid inside the same bottle. Obviously this is a considerable inconvenience and many novice vapers do not know how to behave.

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BF bottles in food-grade silicone: that’s what it’s about

Silicone is an artificial polymer made from silicium and carbon heated to high temperatures. It is basically a type of synthetic rubber made up of organic mixtures of hydrogen and carbon.

But why is silicone used for BF bottles?

The physical properties of this material are remarkable and for this reason it can be used such as food storage or precisely for the manufacture of tanks for vaping liquids.

Here are the peculiarities of food silicone:

  • Resistance to heat and frost
  • Elasticity
  • Water repellent
  • Resistance to chemicals

Actually, a silicone container can easily pass from a freezer (-22 °) to an oven (for example + 180 °) without undergoing any structural change.

Now, you should have understood why this material is perfect for making BF bottles. But let’s talk about today’s issue, the persistent smells inside bottom feeder tanks.

BF food-grade silicone bottles: what is it?

Unpleasant smells of silicone in new BF bottles: how to solve it?

As we said a few lines ago, food-grade silicone offers remarkable performance for vaping, both for its elasticity and resistance to temperature changes. Basically, its use in BF bottles ensures that there is no transfer of material in the electronic cigarette e liquid. So there are no problems in relation to e-liquid/bottle contact.

However, there is the reverse problem, that is the persistence of aromas and odors in the walls of the bottle, whether they are new silicone or a previously used e-liquid. So vapers like you often try to eliminate these smells in order to get a clean vape session without unpleasant aromas.

Probably if you find yourself in this situation, you have already searched the web and you will have come across every old wives’ tale to remove that stench of new silicone from your bottles. But which are useful and which are useless?

We explain it to you in the next paragraph!

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Here are the best solutions to eliminate the smell of new silicone from BF bottles

In order to best enjoy your vape liquid with nicotine (or without), it is good that your BF silicone bottles are optimally cleaned. Sometimes it is not enough to rinse the container with just water, but it is necessary to use different methods.

Making mixtures of many different products often becomes superfluous, or ineffective. The best thing to do to eliminate the “new smell” from the silicone bottles is to soak them in warm water with one of the following solutions:

  • Water + vinegar
  • Water + bicarbonate
  • Water + lemon juice
  • Water + dishwashing detergent

As you can see, these are very simple ingredients to find and it is not absolutely necessary to mix them together. Try to soak the bottles for at least 2 hours, then rub the interior with a small brush and rinse thoroughly.

If the unpleasant odor persists, just carry out another immersion, redoing the solution from the start and possibly lengthening the time.

Another usable method is that of the ultrasonic washing machine, a tool that allows you to clean objects with very small parts and particular interstices such as clocks and atomizers. In this way, you make sure that a deep cleansing of the inner walls of the BF bottle takes place.

How to get rid of the smell of new silicone in BF bottles

Bonus tip on BF bottles

In the previous paragraph we told you how to wash the new silicone bottles but the same method applies to the bottles already used in which you want to insert new vaping liquids. If you decide to use very persistent e cigarette flavours, such as tobacco liquids based on Latakia, our advice is to equip yourself with an abundant number of BF bottles and dedicate the single bottle to that kind of e-liquid.

So, you will avoid excessive stress and you will always have your favorite vaping flavours available.

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