Safe electronic cigarette liquids: which ones to choose to avoid risks

How to choose safe e-cigarette liquids

Modified on: 29/07/2023

The advantages of quality e-liquids against smoking blondes and the risks of non-certified products

Have you finally decided to give up traditional cigarettes in favour of vaping?

Great, great choice! Your lungs will thank you!

The electronic cigarette is a much less harmful alternative to blondes. It is a more effective tool in the fight against smoking than other forms of nicotine replacement therapy such as chewing gum and patches.

Now that you are a vaper, the only thing you need to be extremely careful about is choosing safe, certified and good quality vaping liquids. Try not to make mistakes: if you buy harmful products, you could pay a high price for your health!

This article will explain the advantages of choosing safe e-liquids and what can happen if you do not follow the advice I have just given you.

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Why it is essential to choose safe e-cigarette liquids to preserve your health

Several scientific studies have shown that the vapour of e-cigs is much less harmful than cigarette smoke, and the British government agency Public Health England states that e-cigs are 95% less harmful than blondes.

Vaping is a highly effective method of quitting smoking. In the UK, the health authorities themselves provide vaping devices to smokers who want to embark on a path to recovery.

All this is true, provided that certified electronic cigarette liquids are used and produced according to precise quality standards and in compliance with regulations.

E-liquids can only be sold after passing the initial registration process in our country. This bureaucratic procedure is applied to protect consumers. It consists of notifying the Ministry of Health of the characteristics and ingredients of an e-liquid for vaping, being carried out at least six months before it is placed on the market. After that, if the authorities give the green light, the product can be sold.

In short, if you want to preserve your health, always check that the liquids you buy can comply with the regulations. Also, never trust overly cheap products offered by unreliable retailers.

The risk associated with e-cigarettes is only a fraction of that with blondes: don’t ruin it for the sake of saving a few euros.

Vaping deaths in the US were caused by non-standard liquids

What can happen by vaping unsafe e-liquids?

Rather than describe what could happen if you use electronic cigarette liquids produced without complying with regulations, I will tell you a story that happened a few years ago in the United States.

Do you remember the deaths of so many young Americans in 2019 that seemed to be related to vaping? It was a tragedy that triggered panic toward e-cigarettes. In addition to the deaths mentioned above, hundreds of other people across the US suffered severe respiratory problems, and hospital admissions skyrocketed.

Naturally, faced with such a disaster, the authorities carried out a thorough investigation, and do you know what emerged? The cause of the deaths was vitamin E acetate, an oily ingredient that should not be present in vaping liquids. The young people who died, and most of the people who suffered respiratory problems, inhaled this substance because they used e-liquid cartridges that were manufactured without respecting any rules and bought on the street or homemade!

Unfortunately, in the United States, there are still no specific laws regulating vaping products, which is why tragedies like the one we have described are possible. On the other hand, in the European Union, nothing like this has ever happened, thanks to clear legislation that protects the health of vapers and severely punishes those who trade in non-compliant and potentially harmful items.

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In conclusion

We have explained why it is important to buy safe electronic cigarette liquids in order not to nullify the advantages of vaping over smoking.

Medical science is increasingly in agreement that e-cigs are far less harmful than blondes, and the only cases of ‘vaping deaths’ are linked to the use of non-compliant products, bought on the street or even homemade.

If you don’t want to take unnecessary risks and enjoy your vaping sessions without any fear for your health, buy only compliant e-liquids and only go to the most reputable retailers in the industry.

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