Synthetic nicotine banned in the USA: what are the possible consequences?

Synthetic nicotine banned in the USA

Modified on: 27/05/2024

What might happen in america following the ban on synthetic nicotine liquids

America – you know – is considered the land of opportunity. However, in recent times, manufacturers of electronic cigarette liquids may have something to say about this because a few months ago, the government enacted a law that is not exactly in favour of this sector.

Here is what has changed in the USA from a legislative point of view concerning the marketing of synthetic nicotine and what repercussions the new legislation could have.

Nicotine can be part of synthetic liquids

Synthetic Nicotine Banned: Risks to Health and the Economy in the US

March 2022 was an ominous month for the world of vaping in the United States. On 15 March, President Joe Biden signed a bill into law that prohibits the marketing of synthetic nicotine in the country without the OK of the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA). Since this substance is widely used in ready-to-use vape liquids and many vapers like to make their compounds from e-liquid bases, e-cigarette flavourings and liquid nicotine, this government decision is bound to have repercussions in the short and long term.

Following the entry into force of this law on 14 April, American electronic cigarette liquid companies needed more time (only 30 days) to submit formal applications to the Food and Drugs Administration for authorisation to place products containing synthetic nicotine on the market. This fact has led to considerable organisational difficulties and put the survival of many companies operating in the sector at risk because this procedure involves significant costs.

Moreover, the impossibility of using this substance poses a health risk as it could lead many vapers who have opted for e-cigs as a remedy to stop smoking to return to analogue cigarettes. In short, the difficulties for users and manufacturers are real, and the side effects of this decision could manifest themselves as early as the end of 2022.

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What is the difference between natural and synthetic nicotine

Synthetic nicotine has been used for years in the world of vaping. But what exactly is the substance that has recently been restricted in the United States of America? Nothing more than the result of synthesis in the laboratory.

The processes by which it is produced mean that it has the same characteristics as nicotine found in tobacco leaves, with one significant difference: as a synthetic, it can be stripped of nitrosamines. These organic compounds are harmful to health, and the fact that the US federal government has adopted a prohibitionist policy for synthetic nicotine but does not adopt the same yardstick for traditional cigarettes (whose natural nicotine includes nitrosamines) is curious.

Chemical synthesis produces a potentially less harmful and safer substance than organic nicotine in tobacco. Yet the government has decided to march against a sense that has recently helped many people come out of the tunnel of smoking. Synthetic nicotine has an undeniable advantage over the nicotine in cigarettes. Let’s find out what it is.

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Electronic cigarettes can be nicotine-free

The advantages of the electronic cigarette from the use of synthetic nicotine
As in so many other countries, electronic cigarette has become an essential tool in the fight against smoking in the USA. Many people have taken up vaping to give up the nasty blonde, and many of them have succeeded with the help of synthetic nicotine.

The possibility of dosing this substance in liquids meant that smokers could make a painless switch from analogue to electronic cigarettes. However, as is well known, nicotine is addictive, which is why withdrawal symptoms occur when trying to quit smoking suddenly, which in most cases forces smokers to give up their smoking habit.

Thanks to electronic cigarettes and synthetic nicotine, on the other hand, people can not only softly interrupt their intake of the toxic and harmful substances released by tobacco combustion, but over time they can also gradually reduce their daily nicotine intake until it is eliminated. This great advantage, of course, is in danger of being lost (at least in the United States) due to a law with little logic.

Time will tell whether the restrictions on synthetic nicotine will impact the number of smokers. What is certain is that this legislation will create quite a few problems for the many companies that have invested resources and energy in its production in the past years.

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In conclusion

In the United States, synthetic nicotine has been banned by law, but this substance can still be used. In our country, too, many people are pinning their hopes on beating the smoking habit with an electronic cigarette. On Terpy‘s website, you can buy creamy liquids, tobacco liquids, fruity liquids and special liquids with and without nicotine. In addition, there is a wide range of vape flavourings and other products for crafting liquids.