Carbon monoxide and electronic cigarettes: What does the scientific research say?

Electronic Cigarettes and Carbon Monoxide

Published on: 02/01/2023

The advantages of the electronic cigarette concerning this harmful substance

An electronic cigarette is a tool that millions of people resort to every year in an attempt to give up the smoking habit. However, even though in some countries, these devices are promoted as a way to quit smoking, many people have reservations about this and believe that vaping is also harmful to health.

In this article, we will shed light on carbon monoxide and its correlation with electronic cigarettes by taking the latest scientific studies as a point of reference.

The advantages of the electronic cigarette

Carbon monoxide: what it is and what damage it causes in smokers

Smoking blondes are very harmful to the body, but despite decades of awareness campaigns about its dangers, the number of smokers globally is still very high. It is only after becoming a slave to it that one realises how negatively cigarettes can affect one’s health. Among the toxic substances responsible for the damage they cause is carbon monoxide.

This odourless and colourless gas is produced by combustion. Since this process is inherent in smoking, it is evident that every cigarette smoked involves the direct inhalation of this substance. Carbon monoxide has a unique characteristic: it binds very well with haemoglobin in the blood, even more so than oxygen. Therefore, the consequences of high exposure to this gas are harmful to the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

In extreme cases, carbon monoxide intake can lead to intoxication, asphyxia and serious vascular and cardiac problems. For this reason, many smokers try to break the chains of smoking by turning to a practice – vaping – that not only encourages them to give up the smoking habit but also significantly limits the inhalation of monoxide.

Several scientific studies, in fact, have shown how vaping electronic cigarette liquids drastically reduce its intake. Let us see which ones are the most important.

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Studies on carbon monoxide and e-cigs

Among the experiments conducted on the relationship between carbon monoxide and e-cigarettes is a significant one published in the Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. This study conducted by a team of researchers examined 40 smokers and observed the amount of inhaled monoxide for six months. They stopped smoking analogue cigarettes and started using e-cigs.

The result of the research was that the subjects took in 80% less carbon monoxide than when they routinely smoked traditional cigarettes.

In the same year that this study was conducted, 2019, an American university – Bucknell University – investigated the amount of carbon monoxide inhaled during each vape and found that the levels absorbed by the body are not always the same but change depending on the settings of the device used. The wattage affects the concentration of gas taken in.

Therefore, although vaping does not rule out the intake of a harmful substance such as carbon monoxide, it is undoubtedly a much safer practice than smoking.

Carbon monoxide intoxication

What advantages does the electronic cigarette offer

Vaping an electronic cigarette inhales 80% less carbon monoxide than an analogue cigarette is not the only reason vaping should be considered an option for quitting smoking. Smoking involves the intake of many other toxic and harmful substances, some of which are carcinogenic. On the other hand, vaping liquids consist of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine (e-liquid base), vaping flavours and, if necessary, liquid nicotine.

None of these substances is potentially carcinogenic, and although excessive inhalation of e-cigarette vapours can irritate the respiratory tract, vaping causes 95% less damage than smoking.

Another advantage that should not be underestimated is the possibility of dosing the nicotine concentration in your tobacco or fruity and creamy liquids to your liking. In this way, you can give up the analogue cigarette without immediately giving up both a habit and the addictive substance. As the weeks go by, however, you can gradually decrease the amount of nicotine so that the body’s demand for it is slowly reduced. With a gradual process and patience, it is possible to vape nicotine-free liquids and eliminates the smoking habit without suffering any withdrawal.

In short, the e-cig has several features that could help you quit smoking painlessly and with an immediate decrease in toxic intake.

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In conclusion

Since vaping allows you to emulate smoking in gestures and perception of tobacco flavour and nicotine intake, those looking for an effective method of quitting this habit would do well to consider this practice.

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