The Philippines has also decided to promote electronic cigarettes: here’s the current situation.

Philippines promotes e-cigarettes

Modified on: 27/05/2024

A new law promotes e-cig use in the asian country

Regarding vaping and e-cigarettes, laws vary from country to country. Although the rules governing the production, sale and consumption of tobacco and nicotine-related products are notoriously strict in Asia, one country has recently made a breakthrough.

In the next few lines, you will find out what effects the new law on vaping products that came into force in the Philippines in 2022 will have.

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What the law regulating vaping in the Philippines states

Although it is well known that electronic cigarettes reduce the likelihood of health problems, vaping is regulated in some countries worldwide not too differently from smoking. Fortunately, however, an Asian country has recently given signs of openness towards a practice that has to deal with somewhat astringent laws in this continent.

The Philippines’ parliament passed a law regulating the production, sale, importation and use of nicotine vaping and tobacco heating products. In a country with such a high smoking rate, it was only suitable to separate a practice unanimously recognised as harmful from vaping, which reduces health risks by 95%.

This new legislation aims to incentivise the use of e-cigs among smokers to stop smoking, but without promoting vaping of vapours produced by heating tobacco liquids, creamy liquids and fruity liquids among minors. The text of the law specifies that the sale of vaping products to minors will be prohibited, that sellers will be obliged to verify the age of purchasers, and that it will not be possible to sell vaping devices, accessories and liquids near schools, parks, areas hosting sports and cultural events, etc.

The passage of this law had a singular path, and in the next section, you will find out how it came into force.

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When did this law come into force, and why

The new vaping law was debated and voted on in both the House of Representatives and the Senate of the Philippines throughout 2021 but came into effect on 25 July 2022. This is because neither outgoing President Rodrigo Duterte nor the newly elected President Ferdinand Marcos Jr (elected on 30 June this year) vetoed it.

This circumstance meant that the text of the law, which was primarily approved by both chambers, could proceed despite the absence of the president’s signature. As a result, the law became effective 15 days after it entered into force, i.e. when its text was published in the official gazette.

A massive success for its promoters, who hope to reduce the number of smokers in the Philippines by regularising vaping products and opening up to electronic cigarettes.

Vaping law in the Philippines

How the public reacted to the enactment of the vaping law

Following the enactment of this law, there has been enormous satisfaction from the Filipino political world and some trade associations.

The World Vapers’ Alliance, for example, expressed through its community manager Liza Katsiashvili words of praise for the Philippines, stating that ‘while most policymakers fight against vaping, the Philippines has followed the right path, adopting vaping as a practical innovation for reducing the harm caused by smoking and saving lives.

The founder of the Nicotine Consumption Union of the Philippines, Anton Israel, commented on the achievement of this significant result: “We believe this law represents a health strategy that promotes free consumer choice and provides opportunities for smokers to choose safer alternatives to combustible tobacco. Furthermore, the government’s decision to encourage vaping instead of discouraging it will bring huge benefits to public health“.

Smokers have also shown appreciation for the legislation: according to surveys, 90 per cent of Filipino smokers approve and agree with the new law.

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In conclusion

What the government of the Philippines has done is a big step that could be a forerunner for a new Asian policy towards vaping, a practice hitherto opposed even though smoking is a scourge that causes millions of deaths every year on this continent.

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