Famous vapers: 10 VIPs who love electronic cigarettes!

10 stars who chose the electronic cigarette

Modified on: 29/07/2023

Many stars have chosen the electronic cigarette. Here are 10 of the most famous of them

It is undeniable that celebrities have a strong influence on millions of people.

We could talk for hours about the effects of celebrity choices on the behaviour of the masses. But, whatever one’s point of view, one must admit that this dynamic can have very positive outcomes. For example, consider the case where a celebrity uses their influence on people to make them behave in a virtuous way.

The electronic cigarette is a device designed to steer smokers away from tobacco, and many celebrities have chosen to give up traditional cigarettes in favour of vaping. This article will show 10 stars, Italian and foreign, who have opted for this choice. We want to satisfy our readers’ curiosity, but we also hope that this information will positively influence those who are still slaves to tobacco.

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Here are the VIPs who smoke in Italy – Terpy’s HQ country

Let’s start our article by talking about the Italian celebrities who have chosen electronic cigarettes.

Do you remember when Vasco Rossi sang Gli Angeli and uttered the line “and you smoke your Lucky Strikes, and you realise how much you curse them”? He has also realised that he curses “blonde cigarettes” and has switched to electronic cigarettes since 2011. Vasco is now one of the most famous testimonials on vaping and continues to encourage his fans, not just them, to choose this alternative to traditional cigarettes.

Morgan has become accustomed to extravagant behaviour and provocations on stage (“What’s going on? Where’s Bugo?”). So he made headlines when he started “smoking” during the X-factor live show in 2012. The Italian artist was not holding a traditional cigarette but a vaping device! The artist said he used it unintentionally, without thinking. Whether this is true or not, his gesture has brought enormous visibility to the world of vaping.

The nobles smoke too. Emanuele Filiberto, the young prince of the House of Savoy, gave a touching and revealing interview a few years ago. The nobleman said he had stopped smoking tobacco after suffering from a tumour on his septum, opting for electronic cigarettes. Long live the prince!

Matteo Viviani is one of the most popular “hyenas” among the Italian public. The Italian host said he started smoking in 2016, becoming a die-hard e-cigarette fan and registering as a member of the ANPVU (National Association for United Vapers).

Finally, even a complete and fulfilled artist like Roberto Benigni has decided to give up smoking in favour of vaping. Today, the Castiglion Fiorentino actor never gives up his e-cig, and the smoking Benigni of the past is nothing like him!

Foreign VIPs smoking e-cigarettes

Hollywood loves vaping too!

This article on celebrities who smoke would not be complete if we did not talk about the “VIP vapers” of Hollywood, the Mecca of showbiz.

Leonardo DiCaprio needs no introduction. He is one of the most famous and prolific actors in American cinema, but he is also one of the first celebrities to turn to vape. Leo has been photographed using an electronic cigarette on several occasions, both on the ‘red carpet’ and in his daily activities. In addition, at the 2016 Screen Actors Guild Awards, he caused a stir by taking out his box mod and vaping like it was nothing!

Samuel L. Jackson is an example that proves vaping is not just for young people. The famous actor is known for several ‘badass’ roles in films such as the fantastic Pulp Fiction. However, even when it comes to his passion for e-cigarettes, he often shows his ‘gangster’ side, opting for rather flashy powerful devices.

Even one of the most famous Jokers has decided to take up vaping! Jack Nicholson has been photographed on several occasions signing autographs for his fans while holding an electronic cigarette. Of course, we know this actor as a lover of “blondes”, but he too has decided to replace the smoke of traditional cigarettes with the tasty vapour of an e-cig!

Tom Hardy is an extraordinary actor who had given us some breathtaking performances, such as when he played Bane in the last film of Nolan’s Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Returns. Known for his elegance when attending major American showbiz events, Tom has often been seen wearing his favourite box mod to these occasions.

Johnny Depp, who fell in love with e-cigarettes while filming The Tourist in 2010, couldn’t be absent from the list. In the film, he plays Frank Tupelo, an American tourist. The latter uses a cigarette-like device, which is a device built to look like a traditional cigarette, including the glow of burning tobacco. The actor started smoking from that moment on and has not parted with his e-cigs.

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In conclusion

We have listed 10 Italian and foreign celebrities who have chosen to give up “blondes” for vaping, a solution preferred by many people to avoid the damage caused by tobacco smoke.

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