Vaping neutral base: is it a good idea?

Is vaping neutral base bad for you?

Published on: 31/08/2022

Some people think they only vape neutral base so they can spend less, but there is a cheaper alternative to save on vaping

If you are a vaper and have managed to give up traditional cigarettes thanks to vaping, you will undoubtedly have noticed how much you are saving each month! Besides being harmful, blondes are increasingly expensive and represent a heavy expense for smokers.

However, perhaps the savings you have managed to achieve are still not enough, and you are wondering if there is any way you can spend even less on your e-cigarette liquids.

Someone may have advised you to try vaping only a neutral base, a product with a significantly lower price tag than e-liquids, and indeed this proposal may sound very tempting.

But are you sure it is a good idea?

In this article, I will explain what a neutral base consists of, what disadvantages you would have if you decided to vape it and what the alternative would allow you to save money without making any sacrifices.

Atomiser loaded with neutral base only

These are the ingredients that make up a neutral base.

If you are only going to vape a neutral base, it is worth explaining its composition.

There are two ingredients used in this product, plus an optional one: propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG) and liquid nicotine.

Propylene glycol is a colourless, viscous liquid. It is practically odourless but has a slightly sweet taste. PG can dissolve several substances (including concentrated vape flavours and liquid nicotine) very well. Due to its ability to retain moisture, it is used as an additive in many commercial products.

In electronic cigarette liquids, its primary function is to enhance the flavour of e-liquids and increase the hit in the throat.

VG is a natural chemical derived from vegetable oils. It is used to produce e-liquids to make the vapour thicker and more full-bodied. It has a sweet taste (much more intense than PG) and alleviates the feeling of being hit in the throat, making the vape milder and smoother.

Finally, neutral bases may also contain nicotine in liquid form. The concentration of this molecule can vary considerably, and, as a rule, the recommended levels are as follows:

  • between 5 mg/ml and 12 mg/ml for cheek vaping;
  • between 2 mg/ml and 4 mg/ml for lung vaping.

In vaper shops, it is also possible to find nicotine bases containing concentrations of up to 20 mg/ml, but these are sold to be diluted in neutral grounds and not to be vaped directly. Taking such high levels of nicotine can be dangerous to your health.

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Want to vape a neutral base? It’s like eating tasteless food!

Vaping a neutral base is not dangerous: after all, it is the equivalent of e-cigarette liquids, but without any taste other than the slightly sweet taste of vegetable glycerol.

However, I do not recommend it. It would be like eating tasteless food!

If you want to try it anyway, go ahead, you are free to try the neutral base. You might even find that you are among the few vapers who like vaping liquids without flavouring. If the neutral ground is not for you, however, you could risk becoming so dissatisfied that you might consider returning to blondes, which would be unacceptable!

Here is what I suggest so that you don’t risk messing up the results you managed to achieve by quitting traditional cigarettes: try a neutral base, but always keep a few packs of your favourite e-liquids with you. That way, if the experience is too unpleasant, you can make up for it immediately by enjoying tasty liquids without waiting too long and without suffering nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Man sitting on giant coins

You can save money without giving up the taste of your electronic cigarette liquids – here’s how

If your reason for considering vaping neutral bases is to save money, I would like to make a few remarks and offer you an alternative by which you can reduce your expenses without giving up tasty e-cigarette liquids.

Admittedly, the price difference between pre-mixed e-liquids and bases is indeed considerable: the latter often cost a small fraction of that of ready-made liquids.

However, there is an alternative that you should consider: DIY. In other words, you can buy the various e-liquid ingredients (PG, VG, concentrated flavours and liquid nicotine) separately and mix them at home, and in this way, you could save more than 30% of your vaping budget.

On the other hand, this method only buys one more ingredient in the neutral base, namely the flavouring. And the flavouring is cheap: usually, the price of a 10 ml bottle is between 5 and 10 euros, and that amount allows you to flavour up to 100 ml of liquid!

In short, it is fine to save money, but don’t take away the pleasure of enjoying fruity, creamy, tobacco, and so on liquids to spend a few euros less each month: try DIY, and you will see that you will no longer think of vaping just that bland, neutral base.

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In conclusion

As I explained, there is nothing risky about vaping a neutral base: this product consists of the same ingredients as in e-liquids, minus the concentrated flavourings. However, consuming a plain tasteless base may be deeply dissatisfied with your vaping experience.

If you want to try it, go ahead, but remember what I said: to save money, there is no need to give up the taste of e-liquids. Instead, try homemade liquids: they might be your ideal solution!

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