“Atomizer short”: how to solve this problem even if you are a beginner

Warning in e-cig, atomizer short: how to solve?

Published on: 26/08/2022

The causes of ‘atomizer short’ and ‘atomizer low’ warnings and possible solutions

It is no fun at all to try to operate your electronic cigarette and see a message like ‘atomiser short‘ or ‘atomiser low‘ instead of having a nice vape.

When that happens, your device tells you, ‘Hey man, something is wrong. Until you fix it, I can’t function, sorry’.

OK, but what is wrong, and how can you eliminate this problem before the lack of nicotine takes over and makes you lose your temper?

In the following article, I will explain what the most common causes of these two error messages are and what you can try to do to solve them yourself.

A disassembled atomiser

Atomizer short: here’s what can cause this problem

If the display of your mod shows the warning ‘ atomiser short’, it means that there is some problem in the passage of current through the circuit that connects the battery of your e-cigarette to the heating element.

Several causes can give rise to this snag:

  • contact between the resistance wire and the atomiser. It can happen for various reasons, for example, when the contact thread between the tank and the mod is damaged. In this case, the resistor can be pushed upwards, and the metal wire can come into contact with the atomiser chimney, causing a short circuit;
  • defective cartridge;
  • defective battery;
  • damaged mod.

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How to deal with the problem atomiser short

To solve this malfunction, the first thing to do is to try to identify the cause.

First, try replacing the heating element: if you insert a new one and the electronic cigarette starts working correctly again, your task ends here.

If not, take a look at the batteries. Please remove them and check that the outer casing is not damaged. Also, check that they don’t have any other problems by testing them with a charger: you will soon realise if they can no longer store energy due to some damage in their internal structure.

If you find that the batteries cause a short circuit, you must replace them.

Also, check the threads of the 510 connection of the atomiser and the tank base for damage – sometimes, a slight mismatch is enough to cause your e-cigarette to malfunction. If the problem lies in the threads, replacing the atomiser base should solve it for good.

If, after carrying out all the checks I have indicated to you, you do not find any anomaly, then most probably the cause of the malfunction is the mod. In this case, all you can do is buy a new one.

Atomiser with low maximum power

Atomiser low warning: what it is and what causes it

If you read ‘atomiser low’ on the display of your mod, you do not have to fear any short-circuiting of the device: this warning indicates that the resistance is incompatible with your mod. In this case, the safety circuit of the electronic cigarette will detect the incompatibility and prevent the atomiser from activating.

This problem often manifests when using a mod with a low maximum wattage with sub-ohm resistors: these only work at high wattages.

Sometimes, however, the origin of this snag may lie in a malfunction of the atomiser or mod.

Atomizer low: some possible solutions

To solve this problem, first, check the specifications of your mod and the information given by the manufacturer. During this check, you might find that the device is not compatible with the resistance you are using: in this case, replace it with one of those recommended by the manufacturer.

If you use an RBA atomiser, ensure that the resistance you have fitted is made correctly: you may have made a mistake during regeneration. Then, try another one and check if the atomiser low warning still occurs.

If all these checks lead to nothing, then it is probably time to replace the atomiser or the mod (or maybe even both!).

Test both of these components with others that work correctly: first, mount an atomiser on which you have no doubts about the mod and try activating it. Then, repeat the same process by mounting your atomiser on a perfectly functioning mod.

At the end of these verifications, you will have identified the components you need to replace to resume enjoying your vaping sessions.

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In conclusion

In this article, I have explained what causes ‘atomiser short’ and ‘atomiser low’ warnings and what checks you can make to solve these problems yourself.

As I have explained, in some situations, the only solution is to replace some components of your electronic cigarette with new ones: you might have to buy a new atomiser, replacement batteries or even a brand new mod!

Once you have solved these unforeseen problems, you can immediately resume enjoying your vaping sessions in complete relaxation, perhaps enjoying the electronic cigarette liquids, you can find on Terpy!