Can the electronic cigarette explode? Here is the truth (and how to avoid this risk)

Can the electronic cigarette explode?

Published on: 24/08/2022

What can cause this unpleasant incident with the electronic cigarette

If you are already a vaper – but also if you are only now getting to grips with the world of e-cigarettes – chances are that you have heard yourself say phrases such as: “Are you kidding? Do you vape e-cigs? Didn’t you see that YouTube video where that guy’s device explodes in his trouser pocket?”

Now, whether or not you have seen one of the many videos on the net, it is conceivable that you want to know whether an e-cigarette can explode. We at Terpy, however, want to focus mainly on why it can explode. In this article, therefore, we will tell you which e-cig component can cause an explosion, what are the chances of such a situation occur and, most importantly, what are the leading causes.

How to avoid an e-cigarette accident

Can the e-cigarette explode?

Ever since the first e-cig models were launched on the market, the media, always hungry for (sometimes misleading) news, have often reported on accidents involving these devices. You have probably also read articles or seen videos documenting incidents of e-cigarettes exploding in the face of the poor vaper on duty or in his trouser pocket.

To begin with, it is important to clarify one thing: it is not the e-cigarette that explodes but the battery that powers it. Secondly, these incidents are sporadic because the safety standards of the batteries in these devices are very high. Despite this, e-cigs have often been subjected to smear campaigns in recent years following incidents of this type. Yet there is no shortage of similar incidents involving other electronic devices with batteries (such as smartphones). So, the impact on public opinion has not been the same.

In short, all electronic devices can explode; therefore, when such a situation involves an e-cig, the cause is not to be found in the vaping liquids or vapouriser but the battery. So let’s see what conditions can cause this type of accident.

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What can lead to an e-cig battery explosion

In the rare cases in which an e-cigarette can be affected by an explosion, the reasons that lead to such incidents can be summarised in four points. The first, unfortunately, is unpredictable and relates to a factory defect. However, it must be said that the likelihood of incurring such a defect increases in counterfeit devices or those without CE certification. The second is the splitting or even a simple spinning of the battery; following a fall or a bump, the cells’ material can be damaged, creating a short circuit and thus triggering an explosion.

In some cases, however, such a severe accident can result from mishandling the battery. For example, using a defective charger or one incompatible with the battery’s characteristics can lead to overcharging. Unfortunately, overheating can also cause an explosion, which is why it is good to remember that e-cigs, like all electronic devices, should be stored away from heat sources, should not be exposed to sunlight and should be used with care—overstressing the battery can, at best, cause it to rupture. At worst, tell it the risk of exploding, with all the consequences.

Therefore, it is also up to you to take care of your electronic cigarette and use it wisely.

The battery of an electronic cigarette can explode if it is defective

How to prevent the risk of an e-cigarette battery exploding

You are not always aware of the signs of battery deterioration (you may not even recognise them, or you tend to minimise them); as a result, you continue to use your e-cig without knowing that each user could cause severe damage to its components and, in the worst cases, to the vaper on duty. This is why you should see the warning signs of a faulty battery. The most common symptoms of such a situation include:

  • spontaneous switching on and off of the device;
  • a concise charge duration;
  • a battery that does not recharge with electricity;
  • frequent overheating of the e-cig;
  • deformation and swelling of the device;
  • worn or damaged battery casing.

These are all alarm bells that you would do well to heed and in the presence of which you should have your e-cigarette battery checked by an expert.

However, to avoid damaging your device’s battery, we recommend you follow a few simple rules, such as not charging for longer than necessary, using only the charger supplied, storing the batteries in a safe place away from heat sources and transporting them separately from each other in a battery case and avoiding contact with other metals. Furthermore, we recommend that you only buy certified products.

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In conclusion

As we pointed out at the beginning of this article, e-cig battery explosions are rare occurrences. Still, as the effects can be severe, it is important to do everything possible to minimise the possibility of their event. If you take all the precautions and treat your device well, you can vape your favourite e-cigarette liquids with peace of mind.

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