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Top e-liquids for e-cigarettes for the summer 2020 on

Modified on: 06/12/2022

Discover the most popular terpy e-liquid of summer 2020!

Each season, due to temperatures and atmospheric events, affects our perception of tastes and smells and this also applies to vaping liquids.

Winter remembers sweet and spicy aromas, while summer evenings in the open air are accompanied by reminiscences of fresh flowers and ripe fruit.

So why not vape them in the e-cig?

In this article we want to talk about the best e cigarette liquids to make your summer days even more special.

Advice and tips on choosing the most summery e-liquids for electronic cigarettes.

If you are just familiar with the world of e-cigarettes or generally focus on traditional tastes, it is probable that you have not tried so many vaping liquids yet.

There are e-liquid e-cigarettes that contain classic aromas, suitable for every situation, but if you are looking for original alternatives to combine with your summer evenings, perhaps you should try something more imaginative.

Consider that the high temperatures of summer tend to make the perception of flavours more intense, so a very sweet scent could be a little nauseating.

The same thing could happen with liquids that contain very pungent and spicy flavours, generally more suitable for the winter period.

Let’s say that there is no fixed rule, but the best electronic cigarette liquids for hot summer days generally are characterized by fresh, fruity and sparkling tastes and fragrances.

Perhaps because they lighten the perception of high temperatures, or because they give a pleasant sensation on the palate, the tastes of mentholated and refreshing liquids are certainly the most popular and suitable for summer.

But now let’s see in detail the best vaping liquids for the summer that you can find in the online store.

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Tobacco liquids: the most summery tastes.

Let’s start with the tobacco e liquids, the most classic category, loved above all by ex-smokers who cannot give up the much loved tobacco flavour in its most varied shades.

A tobacco liquid, which as you can guess from the name, certainly created for vaping during the summer days, is “Summer”.

This e-liquid, in addition to containing the full-bodied and aromatic taste of tobacco, is enriched by the presence of fruity and floral aromatic notes, which make it particularly light.

Among the immediately perceptible tastes during the vape, watermelon and banana certainly stand out, which give the Summer tobacco liquid a character particularly suitable for summer evenings.

Still in the category of tobacco liquids, one of the top products that can be purchased on Terpy is undoubtedly “Lavender”.

How to define the aromaticity of this liquid? It is unique, particular and invigorating.

It is a perfect mix between the strong scents of tobacco and fresh floral flavours that in some ways recall summer cocktails, in others the scent of lavender in bloom (its name come from this reason).

Premium liquids: perfect for a day at the beach.

In the category of premium e liquids the products most loved by our customers for the summer period are “Bluesky” and “Fruit Chupito”.

The Bluesky e-liquid is the fresh liquid par excellence, perfect for vaping with your e-cig during the hottest and torridest summer evenings.

Its simple, refreshing and effervescent taste is loved by everyone and is also suitable for everyday use.

Premium liquids are perfect for a day at the beach

The e-juice Fruit chupito, on the other hand, is a vape liquid characterized by a mix of fresh fruit tastes at the beginning and a final hint of vodka: in short, a real summer cocktail.

It goes perfectly with evenings in the open air and its particular and aromatic taste immediately conquers the palate of men and women who love the most particular and refined mixes.

Bakery liquids: a chance even during the hot season.

As mentioned before, the best electronic cigarette liquids for the summer are those characterized by refreshing scents and aromas, so the category of bakery e liquids may tend to be discarded.

Despite this, even in the bakery liquids category in the online store, there is one that is literally booming even in the summer: it is the liquid “Licorice & Coconut”.

This product is characterized by a mix of contrasting aromas and flavors that enhance each other. Licorice brings back to the scenarios of a trip to the Orient, while the delicious coconut aroma immediately makes you think of holidays on an exotic island.

The Licorice & Coconut liquid, being very particular, is suitable for vapers looking for original and refined mixes.

Fruity liquids: the evergreen of summer!

Speaking of summer, in addition to beautiful beaches and holidays, one of the first things that can come to mind is undoubtedly a refreshing exotic fruit or a nice bowl of fresh fruit salad.

Thanks to the fruity Terpy liquids, you will have the opportunity to enjoy these typical summer tastes even during your summer vaping.

The top of the category on during the summer period are certainly the liquids “Exotic”, “Peach Jam” and “White Melon”.

The Exotic liquid will surprise you with a fruity mix in which the notes of pineapple, coconut and melon prevail, highlighted by the freshness of mint and the sparkling taste of orange.

It is a liquid for e-cig very loved by men and women throughout the summer and it is also suitable for daily use, precisely because of its sparklingness.

The White Melon e-juice and the Peach Jam liquid have melon and peach as their main aromas respectively, two typically summer fruits. These are very simple flavours, which perhaps for this reason are able to be appreciated and used by a large number of vapers,during all the summer.

The evergreen of summer are fruity liquids

Buy the best summer vaping liquids on Terpy.

As you can see, on Terpy you will find a vast assortment of summer vaping liquids in every category that satisfy all tastes.

Remember that for each liquid vape mentioned above, you can choose to buy the format you prefer, also selecting the degree of liquid nicotine that you usually use.

Connect today to the online store and buy the e-cigarette liquids that have intrigued you the most, to vape during your summer evenings with taste and sparkle!