Electronic cigarette: with or without liquid? Here are the main differences

Electronic cigarette with or without liquid

Modified on: 06/12/2022

What is the best choose: the electronic cigarette without liquid or with liquid?

While tobacco and nicotine are established vices that have existed for a long time, electronic cigarettes and the e liquid on the other hand, have only been widely used in recent years. The debate as to the dangers to the public’s health has caused much discussion everywhere.

There are those who consider Electronic cigarettes as a valid and less harmful alternative to the traditional cigarette. Many ex-smokers believe that it helped them to quit smoking. Electronic cigarettes have re-ignited the tobacco industry which for many years was in decline due to new government laws and changes to the public‘s attitudes towards smoking in public spaces. The electronic cigarette business is now a rapidly growing industry.

In fact, new models and prototypes with different functions come into the already crowded marketplace regularly.

Starting from the original electronic cigarettes, the E-cigarette, which produces steam and does not produce smoke, up to the recent electronic cigarettes (without liquid) which it is good to remember it is not possible to associate terpenes.

So how to choose the one that best suits your needs?

In the next paragraph, the differences between the liquid and non-liquid electronic cigarette and their characteristics are discussed.

E-cig: the electronic cigarette with e liquid

electronic cigarette with e liquid

Faithful to the traditional cigarettes also in the form, the first models of E-cigarettes began to be marketed in 2004, in Asian countries, and then later to western countries in 2012.

The inventor (also known as The Father of E-Cigarette) of the electronic cigarette, was Chinese pharmacist, Hon Lik. He filed the patent in 2003, and explained the purpose of this invention with the following words:

“My father died of lung cancer and I smoked three packs of cigarettes a day for thirty years. Now I hope my invention will save the lives of hardened smokers like me. “

The goal, therefore, is to reduce the diseases caused by smoking by eliminating the combustion process and, consequently, the aspiration of toxic poisons and harmful substances.

E-cigarettes are electronic devices that simulate the gestures given by the traditional cigarette, but the combustion of tobacco and the smoke are completely replaced by the heating and evaporation of a flavoured liquid, so-called e cig liquid, which may or may not contain liquid nicotine doses in varying quantities.

The overheating of the resistance placed inside the electronic cigarette allows the e cigarette liquid to evaporate, causing “smoke” to escape, which is nothing more than simple vapor. This is why, the electronic cigarette is also known as vaporizer.

Some models are also equipped with a red LED light on the tip, that lights up when the smoker takes a puff of the vaporizer. It simulates the combustion process that occurs in a normal cigarette.

An electronic cigarette generally consists of the following parts:

  • Battery
  • Atomizer-resistance
  • Liquid cartridge
  • Mouthpiece

Lithium-ion batteries, like those of smartphones, can be recharged after a little use and on the market there are different voltages.

In fact, the power of the battery affects the intensity and taste of the vape.

When it starts, it acts on the resistance that overheats and activates the vaporization process of the e cig liquid contained in the cartridge.

Finally, the e cigarett liquid is a mixture of various substances including water, e liquid flavour, diy e liquid (glycerol and propylene glycol). Liquid nicotine is not always present but the smoker can choose whether to insert it and in what quantity.

The electronic cigarette (without liquid)

There are several models of electronic cigarette (without liquid) or heated tobacco cigarette.

e cigarette without e liquid

There are many names by which we refer to these devices. They were launched on the market in January, 2015, by Philip Morris International, one of the largest Multi-national tobacco companies in the world.

The product was created to satisfy the smokers who wanted to limit the damage caused by smoking, but who cannot or do not want to give up the taste of tobacco and nicotine (an effect that is actually easily obtained with electronic cigarettes with liquid).

This electronic device exploits the principle of “Heat, not Burn”, thanks to which the temperature is regulated at 350 degrees, so that the tobacco is not burned as it happens in normal cigarettes, but simply heated.

This process creates the sensation of smoking real tobacco cigarette, due to the inhalation of “cold fumes”, avoiding combustion and the consequent assimilation of highly harmful substances.

Unlike classic electronic cigarettes, these do not contain a liquid that evaporates but real tobacco in which nicotine is naturally present. Consequently, its quantity is not variable and cannot be removed.

To summarize, let’s see the substantial differences between the two devices:

Electronic cigarette with liquid:

  • They work with e-liquid, a flavored liquid that can also contain nicotine.
  • There is no combustion but vaporization, consequently the harmful substances given by the combustion waste are not produced.
  • There is no smoke but steam, produced by heating and evaporating the liquid.

Electronic cigarette without liquid:

  • They work with real tobacco, 3 cm mini cigarettes are inserted inside the device.
  • Combustion and waste production is missing.
  • Tobacco is not burned but simply heated, this process generates fumes but not smoke.

Electronic cigarette with or without liquid: which one is less harmful?

Answering this question is not at all simple.

As we said at the beginning of the article, the opinions around the topic varies and are subjective.

Researchers have documented studies on the toxicity or lack of, in e-cigarettes with liquid and for those with heated tobacco it is still too early to give a definitive judgment, since it has not yet been possible to carry out long-term studies.

However, we can undoubtedly underline the advantages of using these devices against the consumption of normal cigarettes.

One of the main advantages of using the e cigarette flavours is that the combustion process is completely canceled and replaced by the vaporization of the liquid.

So what the smoker assumes is water vapor, which can even be deprived of the presence of nicotine.

Regarding the use of electronic cigarettes without liquid, the advantage is given by the utilization of heating of tobacco.

Unlike normal cigarettes, which by burning tobacco and paper produce toxic and harmful substances such as tar, those without liquid cancel the combustion process and all its consequences, giving the smoker the satisfaction of being able to still take tobacco and nicotine.

In conclusion, it can be said that electronic cigarettes are less harmful than traditional ones.