Ganja flavours for electronic cigarettes: can it really be consumed legally in the UK?

Can Ganja flavoring for e-cigarettes legally be used in the UK?

Modified on: 23/08/2022

Here’s what you need to know about vaping marijuana flavours

When you hear about marijuana in the e-cigarette and liquid vaping sector, a wake-up alarm immediately sets off that raises doubts about the legality of the products.

Each country has specific and strict laws in this regard, therefore making the wrong purchases could mean incurring fines or penalties.

In this article we want to clarify the concept of ganja flavour for electronic cigarettes, explaining the differences between products that contain THC and those that do not contain it at all, in order to understand if in the Ireland they can be purchased and consumed legally.

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Ganja flavour: clarifications on a confusing topic

When dealing with e cigarette liquid that can be vaporized and inhaled, it is right to be careful and clarify your ideas before making wrong and illegal purchases.

Talking about cannabis e cigarette flavours and vaping, it is important first to clarify something.

It is important to specify in a right away that the vaping flavours are concentrates of tastes and smells to be diluted with an e-liquid base, in order to create an e-liquid ready to be vaped, while the vaping liquids can be purchased in ready-to-use format.

Therefore, in both cases, you need to make sure they are THC-free before buying them.

As for marijuana, in the UK it’s illegal the active ingredient linked to the psychotropic effects, i.e. THC, not its flavour itself, which can be recreated in the laboratory using terpenes or other synthetic (and inhalable) substances.

Once this distinction has been made, it will be easier to make the right choice, but being careful with the list of ingredients is always a great idea.

So, if you want to savor the particular taste and fragrance of the weed flavour in the absence of its psychotropic effects, you can do it, but be careful to buy safe products.

Ganja flavor: let's clarify a confused topic

Production of the marijuana flavour

Have you ever wondered how the marijuana flavour for electronic cigarettes is produced?

Most of the e-cigarette liquids or cannabis vaping flavours are produced in the laboratory, reproducing the smells and tastes of the main varieties of this plant.

The reason why marijuana-flavored e cigarette flavours are often made up of industrial flavours, depends on the fact that the scent and final taste of the plant are largely influenced by the type of cultivation that is carried out and the use of fertilizers.

Getting the same marijuana scent as on previous plantations is sometimes not easy.

This factor, in addition to the question of having to eliminate the psychotropic active ingredients from the natural compound, discourages many companies from producing natural hemp flavours, preferring the chemical versions.

On the other hand, companies that produce the ganja flavour for electronic cigarettes from plants generally use the process of macerating particular types of cannabis, modified to have a very low amount of THC.

However, the product obtained generally contains cannabidiol, also called CBD, which is not a psychotropic substance and can be taken in controlled doses.

To obtain a compound also free of CBD, the product of maceration must be subsequently treated.

Natural cannabis flavours usually come from abroad, in fact in the UK the laws on the cultivation and sale of these products are always changing, but in essence they tend to exclude the use of cannabis, if not for the pharmaceutical sector.

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Hemp-flavored liquids for electronic cigarettes: the risks of a suspicious smell

As you could read in previous chapters, as long as it does not contain illegal substances, the marijuana flavour can also be consumed in the UK.

Keep in mind that cannabis scent in our country is disliked and it could unintentionally put you in embarrassing situations.

In fact, marijuana has a very particular and immediately recognizable smell, so if you have decided to use the ganja flavour for your vaping liquids, we recommend that you bring the bottle with you or use it in isolated places.

This is just in case you were asked about the composition of what you are vaping during a check and to clarify that the product in question does not contain THC.

Yes, because vaporizing a flavour of this type is different from vaping a vanilla or strawberry flavour, and you may suspect any controls.

Hemp-flavored liquids for e-cigarettes can arouse suspicion


Now that you know the main features regarding this matter, you can evaluate if buy or not products of this type

Keep in mind that the world of vaping allows you to choose from an infinity of e liquid flavours concentrates for electronic cigarettes, already mixed in ready-to-use e liquids or customizable with the purchase of different categories of flavours, to be dosed as you prefer in the e-liquid base, with or without liquid nicotine.

Choosing to vape liquids characterized by tobacco liquid or premium flavours, or perhaps bakery e liquid and fruit flavour ones, could probably satisfy you even more than a hemp flavour.

In addition, opting for the use of less suspicious electronic cigarette flavours will help you live your days outside home with greater carefree and tranquility.

So browse the Terpy online store today and choose from many varieties of intense and particular flavours, receiving the products directly to your home with anonymous packages and with a very fast shipping.