E liquid flavours: what you need to know about their expiration

e liquid flavours expiration date

Modified on: 19/05/2023

Do the e cig flavours have an expiry date?

If you are wondering if e liquid concentrates have an expiry date, you probably already know that they are food products and so you should consume them before a very specific date. In fact, most foods usually have two dates on the label: one relating to packaging and one relating to expiration.

The expiry date is generally anticipated by *Best before*. This does not mean that when that particular day arrives, you have to throw the food into the trash, but that after that date the manufacturer no longer guarantees you the original quality.

So can we really talk about expiry dates for e liquid flavours?

Do e liquid flavours expire as other foods?

e cigarette flavours expiration

Not exactly. If e liquid flavour concentrates go bad, they don’t become as dangerous as some foods or medicines. Normally flavours lose aroma and taste, but do not become toxic.

The expiry date is the (estimated) period in which e liquid flavour concentrates should begin to lose taste and intensity.

However, most of the aromas have an expiration date set after two years from the date of production. Since the expiration dates are only a forecast, so accurate as possible, it is up to you to evaluate if your vaping aromas are too old to be mixed with the E Liquid.

Maybe you are a professional vaper and your bottles with flavours will never stay open for two years, but maybe you have many different flavours and you may forget to finish one before the expiration date.

If this happens, move on to the following paragraph to find out how to check if it is still usable or not.

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How to check if the e cig flavours are in good or bad condition

In order to be able to give a judgment as precise as possible on the quality of your flavours for E-Cig, you must evaluate some parameters (and ask yourself the necessary questions):

  • Conservation status of flavours. Usually on the packaging or on the label of the aromas for electronic cigarettes you will find the storage methods; for example, our e cig flavours preserve their quality if stored in a cold environment, possibly in the refrigerator, and inside their original vial. If you keep the aromas warm they could be compromised before the expiration date, while if you keep them perfectly they could last even beyond the estimated date. The same precautions also apply to the storage of e cig liquid. It is absolutely not recommended to leave an electronic cigarette liquid in the sun.
  • Smell. Just like with milk in the refrigerator, smelling the e cigarette flavours also allows you to understand if they are in good condition or not. Not all aromas change their smell drastically when they are badly stored or expired, but if they have a strange scent and appearance, it is very probable that you will no longer need to use them.
  • Taste: if your flavour has a stale or decidedly different taste of what it originally had, maybe it is better to throw it.

Preserve flavours for electronic cigarettes in the best way

e liquid concentrates preservation

The best way to store E Liquid flavours is to store them in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight. The refrigerator or a cellar could be the most suitable places for it.

The sunlight heats the aromas and causes their degradation, so it’s a need to avoid leaving the bottles on the windowsill and especially in the car.

These behaviors accelerate the deterioration of vaping flavours and make them unusable, maybe before expiry date. If you forget the aroma liquid in the sun and see any color changes, that’s it: it’s probably gone.

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How to eliminate expired electronic cigarette flavours?

The e cigarette flavours are food flavorings, so if they are pure you can safely empty the bottle into the organic waste container.

Anyway, we do not recommend throwing them in the sink or toilet because, currently, we do not know of any potential damage to animal organisms.

However try to consume your flavours before they expire so you don’t have to throw them away: it would be a real shame! Maybe before opening a new bottle, make sure you can finish the already unsealed aroma, and you will see that no accidents will happen to you.