Extracted flavours: characteristics of the most popular e cig flavours

Extracted flavours characteristics

Modified on: 19/05/2023

That’s why extracted e liquid flavours have so much success.

If you are reading this page, you – like us – are probably a fan of e liquid concentrates. Or you absolutely don’t know what we’re talking about and you’ve come to find it out.

The electronic cigarette has had a boom over the past 5 years. But what is its success due to? Has it finally managed to fill the role of a substitute for the classic cigarette (the “analog” or “blonde” cigarette)?

The answer is yes! It has not worked for everyone, or not everyone liked it, but – what is certain – a large slice of the market has opened up and is still expanding a lot today.

Liquid and hardware companies must constantly document themselves and try to keep up with the pace of fast advancing technology.

You have certainly heard of extracted e liquid flavours: but what is really the concept of “extracted flavour”? Let’s go and see it together in the next paragraphs!

How many types of e liquid exist?

extracted e cig flavours

The world of vaping has now reached a great notoriety, due to the rapid growth of the sector and the continuous innovations that the companies producing e-liquids and hardware bring into the field.

We could be talking for pages and pages of all types of products that are continually put on the market, but today we want to focus in particular on the issue of vaping liquids for electronic cigarettes.

Whether you are a vaper (e-cigarette user), a neophyte, or just a curious one, you will certainly have heard of extracted and macerated aromas.

First of all you should know that e-cig liquids are marketed by manufacturers mainly in 3 formats:

  • E liquid flavours (or e liquid concentrates)
  • Pre-mixed (or ready-made liquids)
  • 4Sixty (or decomposed)

The pre-mixed liquids are ready to use: buy a bottle – usually 10ml or 60ml – pour your e cig liquid into the tank of the electronic cigarette and you are ready to vape.

The 4Sixty format instead provides a flavored base of 20ml, supplied by the manufacturer, which will be extended with 40ml of the neutral base of your preference (some companies also indicate the type of neutral base recommended).

E cig flavours are instead concentrated of raw materials to be used in dilution with a vape base to form an e cigarette liquid. The percentage of dilution in the final liquid is at your discretion.

Obviously the producers indicate the recommended dose in percentage, so that the final liquid is optimal, but this really depends a lot on personal tastes and the aromatic sensitivity of each of us.

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Extracted flavours: this is how they are created.

extraction of e cig flavours

After seeing what types of e cig liquid you can find on the market, we now want to explain how an extracted aroma is produced.

Undoubtedly, the extracted e liquid flavours on the market are mostly tobacco and fruit flavours.

An extract is produced starting from a basic raw material, such as tobacco, through the mechanical process of an extractor machine.

This professional machinery allows, starting from a main solid matrix, to extract the extractable substances from it using a solvent, which is classically ethanol (food alcohol).

This allows to obtain a sort of pulp, which is then dealcoholized and subjected to various purification processes, before being dissolved in propylene glycol (PG).

In this way an extracted aroma is born, which before being vaped must be diluted in e liquid base of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG).

What is the real difference between extracted and macerated flavours?

Now that you know how an extracted flavour is produced, we will explain how this differs from macerated flavors. This way you will have greater knowledge when purchasing the components for your e-liquids.

In both cases, they are flavours that come from a real raw material, unlike synthetic flavours, created in a laboratory.

This requires careful research of the raw material, which must strictly come from certified organic crops.

The difference between the two types of aromas stays in the type of extraction:

  • Extracted flavours: the matrix is subjected to an extraction process using a dynamic solid-liquid machinery which, with the help of a solvent (usually food alcohol), obtains a pulp from which, after purification and dealcoholization, will be created the extracted flavour diluted in PG VG
  • Macerated flavours: the matrix is placed in an ultrasonic bath with PG and the extraction of the substances takes place thanks to the shock wave of the same

By subjecting the same matrix to the two types of procedure, we will have two very different final results. The peculiarities of an extract are not those of a macerate and vice versa.

In particular, the differences between the two products are:

Percentage of dilution on a neutral basis (lower in the case of the extracted)

Unconventional aromatic notes (everything is more delicate in macerated)

Fidelity of the original aromas of the matrix (extracted more)

Maturation times based on neutral basis (for macerated days or months, for extracted no waiting)

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Final remarks

Now you should have a clear idea of why extracted flavours are successful. The advantages they offer, compared to macerated and synthetics, are enormous and their use is instantaneous.

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