British electronic cigarette liquids: should we buy them?

It is better to buy liquids for English e-cig

Published on: 24/06/2022

Why e-liquids from the united kingdom are so sought after, and how the british policy towards vaping is revolutionising this sector

If you are a vaper, you may have noticed that, in recent years, there seems to have been a growing interest in e-cigarette liquids produced in the UK.

Hearing about this curious situation, you may be asking yourself: “But what is so special about these e-liquids? Are they so exceptional as to justify this interest? Are these products worth buying?”

If you ask yourself all these questions, you will find the answers you seek in the following article.

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Where did the interest in English electronic cigarette liquids come from?

British e-cigarette liquids do not differ in any particular way from those produced in Italy: high-quality e-liquids are sold in both countries. Moreover, both in the United Kingdom and Italy, the vaping regulations were pretty stringent and enacted to protect consumers’ health as much as possible.

But then, what is the source of this interest in British e-liquids?

It is difficult to answer this question precisely, but the reason probably lies in the policy line recently adopted in the UK towards vaping. Indeed, following the results of several scientific studies, the British authorities seem to be keen to support the promotion of e-cigarettes as a key tool to fight and win the fight against smoking.

In short, consumers may have interpreted this news in the following way. If the British government has decided to adopt this policy line, UK-produced liquids have shown greater effectiveness in keeping ex-smokers away from blondes.

In reality, this is not the case at all. The only difference between Italy and England lies in the greater open-mindedness shown by the ruling class towards the electronic cigarette. This tool can help to reduce the damage caused by smoking.

If you are a vaper, you will probably be interested to learn more about the results of the significant British scientific research that convinced the government to promote vaping as an alternative to blondes. I explain it all in the following few paragraphs.

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Fight against smoking: the UK focuses on electronic cigarettes.

Among the most important research carried out on e-cigarettes in recent years is one conducted by Queen Mary University on comparing e-cigs and classic medical devices used in nicotine replacement therapy, such as patches, chewing gum and oral sprays.

More than 100 smokers who had already tried to rid themselves of their addiction with traditional methods without succeeding participated in the study and were divided into two groups:

  • those assigned to the first were given nicotine replacement therapy devices;
  • the members of the second, on the other hand, received an electronic cigarette and some advice on the liquids they should use regarding the ideal nicotine concentration to combat addiction.

After six months, the participants were called back to analyse the results. The researchers found that 19% of those who had used the e-cigarette had managed to stop smoking cigarettes altogether, compared to only 3% of the other group.

These data added to those obtained in numerous other studies, showing that e-cigs can indeed help in the battle against tobacco and that they are probably more effective than the classic methods that have been used so far.

Convinced by the validity of this research, British authorities have started to look favourably at e-cigarettes, and doctors could even prescribe these devices to help their patients quit smoking.

Researcher carrying out scientific studies with a microscope

E-cig flavourings aid young people who want to quit smoking: here is the result of a British scientific study.

Do you remember the controversy that arose a few years ago over fruity and creamy e-cigarette liquids? Some argued that non-tobacco flavourings were to be banned because they might encourage non-smoking minors to use e-cigs and increase the risk of them becoming addicted to nicotine and switching to cigarettes.

Some even claimed that fruity and creamy liquids were specially made for youngsters because adults ‘don’t like them’.
Crazy, isn’t it? As if we ‘grown-ups’ could do without a good peach or lemon pie e-liquid.

Well, I take one last puff from my electronic cigarette loaded with a fantastic exotic fruit liquid by Terpy and explain what British researchers from the University of East Anglia have discovered.

While analysing the results of dozens of studies aimed at assessing the possibility that e-cigs might bring minors closer to tobacco smoking, they came to the following conclusion. There is no evidence that flavoured e-liquids can encourage young people to pick up a blonde. On the contrary, research results seem to show that flavourings may encourage minors who smoke to switch to electronic cigarettes, an alternative that is much less harmful to health.

Thus, further confirmation, if any were needed, of the potential of vaping to reduce the thousands of deaths caused by tobacco each year.

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In conclusion

I have explained to you the reason for the growing consumer interest in British e-cigarette liquids.

As I mentioned in the first part of the article, despite what some vapers seem to think, e-liquids produced in our country have nothing to envy those from the UK. On average, the quality is identical, and both countries’ laws aim to protect consumer health.

In short, if you are looking for controlled, safe and tasty e-cigarette liquids, you do not need to turn to the UK market: the best domestic retailers can offer you excellent products.

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