Electronic Cigarette Liquid Disposal Guide

Electronic Cigarette Liquid Disposal Guide

Published on: 05/11/2023


The electronic cigarette is an electronic device, a WEEE, which must be disposed of in accordance with the rules governing the disposal of electronic waste. Liquids for e-cig are no exception: the chemical composition of products for vaping does not allow you to throw where happens to expired liquids.

The same applies to liquid containers: whether they are made of plastic or, more rarely, glass, they must be disposed of properly to avoid polluting the environment.

Let’s go deeper into the topic.

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Electronic cigarette liquids: how they are made

E-cigarette liquids can be ready or mixed, and they can have various aromas and tastes. The formula, in any case, is always the same:

Propylene glycol (PG): a clear chemical compound that has the task of retaining the molecules of aromas;

Vegetable Glycerol (VG): extracted from vegetable oils with a viscous consistency, it serves the production of steam;

Liquid nicotine: if present, it can change the perception of the vape;

Aromas: they can be of various types, from tobacco to fruity;

Demineralized water: makes liquid fluid if very dense.

Electronic cigarette liquids: how they are made

How to dispose of e-cigarette liquids correctly

E-Liquids are LIP, liquid inhalation products, and may contain or not contain nicotine: they are registered at the Ministry according to Article 4 of Determination No. 83685 (2021). PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerol) are products widely used by the food and cosmetics industry, but when mixed with other elements, as happens with the e-cigarette, they can cause damage.

Especially the Propylene Glycol, in fact, if disposed in the sink or in the toilet can create problems not just for the ecosystem: moreover, it risks to ruin the pipes of the house, with consequences also from the economic point of view

Liquid nicotine is equally toxic to aquatic organisms: dispersing the liquid in the pipes of the house can pollute the aquifers and consequently the marine ecosystem, with heavy repercussions on our own health.

To properly dispose of the liquid for electronic cigarettes, we have three options:

return the bottle of liquid to the retailer from which we purchased it, ensuring that it can be disposed of in accordance with current regulations;

take it to the pharmacy, just as you do with expired drugs, although not in all municipalities is possible (on the contrary, in some cases it is even prohibited);

take it to the ecological island of its own municipality, where they will dispose of it as required by law.

How to dispose of e-cig liquid containers

In addition to the e-liquid, containers, made of plastic or glass, must be thrown away correctly, so as to avoid polluting the environment.

The plastic bottles should be washed thoroughly and crushed as much as possible before throwing them into the bin; any paper labels should be removed, which will be thrown away with paper or cardboard.

Glass containers should also be rinsed before being thrown away; remember also to remove the paper labels and throw them in the paper materials bin.

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When should the liquid be disposed of?

According to law, e-cig liquids expire within 3 years from the date of packaging.

It must be said, however, that liquids can lose the aroma, and therefore the taste, well before: this depends on the quality of the ingredients, the presence or absence of nicotine, exposure to sunlight or heat sources, etc.

Even if it never becomes toxic, an expired or improperly stored e-cig liquid can lose flavor, compromising vaping pleasure.

Therefore, if the liquid has expired or has been stored inappropriately, we recommend throwing it away.

How to avoid the waste of electronic cigarette liquids

How to avoid the waste of electronic cigarette liquids

Finally, a couple of tips to avoid wasting e-cigarette liquids, which as we have seen can be very harmful to the environment.

First of all, buy the liquid according to your vaping habits: if you vape a lot, you can buy large bottles, or equip yourself with the appropriate tools and mix it yourself. If you don’t vape so much, buy the liquid you need.

If you want to try a new liquid, buy a small bottle: if you like it and vape with a certain frequency, you can switch to a larger one.

In conclusion

To properly dispose of the liquid for the electronic cigarette it’s easy: just return the package from the retailer from which you purchased it, to the ecological island of your city or, in some cases, even to the pharmacy.

What should not be done is to throw the liquid into the sink: you risk polluting the aquifers and also damaging the pipes of the house.

Remember to properly recycle the plastic or glass bottles, throwing them in the appropriate containers after rinsing them with care.

Finally, try not to waste the liquid by buying only the bare necessities and if you know how to do it, creating your own ideal mixture.