Regenerable electronic cigarette: main characteristics and operation

Regenerable electronic cigarette: main characteristics and operation

Published on: 10/11/2023


Talking about a regenerative electronic cigarette means talking about a regenerable atomizer, one of the fundamental parts of the e-cig that, in expert hands, can be brought back to life with little expense and a few tools.

To understand if the electronic cigarette with a regenerable atomizer may be right for you, we must first understand how it all works and then if it suits your needs or not.

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Composition of the regenerable electronic cigarette

As we know, the electronic cigarette is made up of some fundamental components that allow the proper e-liquid for e-cig to be vaped.

Together with the battery, the tank and the mouthpiece, we find the atomizer, the heart of the electronic cigarette, the component that allows the liquid to be vaporized. The atomizer connects the battery to the heads (or coils); the resistance of the atomizer, heated, converts the liquid into vapor allowing vaping. The atomizer determines the density of the vape, the perception of the aromas and other fundamental parameters for the pleasure of vaping.

That being said, on the market we find non-regenerable atomizers and the tools to create regenerable atomizers. If non-regenerable atomizer e-cigarettes have ready-made head coils, regenerable atomizer cigarettes need manual preparation of resistors.

Composition of the regenerable electronic cigarette

Characteristics of the atomizer of a regenerable electronic cigarette

The cigarette that has a regenerable atomizer instead of the heads can have a deck, a metal base that serves as an “anchoring system”, which generally consists of two anchoring points for the resistive wire, an entry hole for the air located under the coil and the spaces in which to place the cotton.

The deck can be double post (side by side or opposite) or postless (no post, just holes, with clamps). In addition, the atomizer can have a single or double coil: if the single coil is indicated for those who are looking for a higher aromatic performance, the double coil, which consumes more e-liquid concentrates and more battery, is recommended for those who are looking for a denser vapor.

Depending on the type of vaping, you can choose between different types of regenerable atomizers:

  • RTA: an acronym for Rebuildable Atomizer Tank, they are equipped with an integrated tank

  • RDA: the meaning of the acronym is Regenerable Dripping Tank Atomizer. It is a dripper, so it is not equipped with a tank, but it is filled drop by drop.

  • RTAD: The Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer has the deck on top of the atomizer and a tank below the coil, and allows you to have the quality of a dripper while being equipped with a tank. The liquid is carried to the cotton through absorbent ropes or through thin metal tubes.

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How to regenerate the atomizer

To regenerate the atomizer, you must have a good knowledge of the components of the electronic cigarette, equip yourself with all the necessary tools and have good manual skills. Of course, settings can change based on personal vaping needs, so it may take a few tries to find the ideal setting.

First of all, the resistance must be regenerated: a wire is chosen, it is wrapped in a specific graduated tip, which can go from 1.5 to 3 mm, depending on the resistive value sought. At this point, it is necessary to place the coil on the deck and tighten the screws on the anchor points after passing the ends of the coil. The cotton must be placed in special tanks: the size must be precise but not excessive, and they must be cut. Then, simply wet the cotton with the e-liquid flavours to start vaping.

Main advantages and disadvantages of regenerable electronic cigarettes

Main advantages and disadvantages of regenerable electronic cigarettes

Why choose an electronic cigarette with a regenerable atomizer?

The advantages are numerous, but there are disadvantages.

First of all, the regenerable atomizer saves: the regeneration is potentially infinite and only a few tools and accessories are needed to continue. The expense is much lower than the resistors already prepared.

Another advantage is linked to customization: you can choose the regeneration system, the material and the tip and, above all, change the configuration according to the needs and tastes of the moment (greater aromaticity, greater vapor production, etc.). Such customization is impossible with head atomizers.

In addition, the aromatic performance is higher than that of head atomizers. If we add to this that you can use any type of e-liquid, we understand well that the advantages, from the point of view of vaping quality and savings, are different.

However, there are also drawbacks: regenerating an atomizer requires some experience, manual dexterity, and a good deal of patience. It takes several tries to find the perfect setup, and not everyone is interested in wasting time playing. Those who are beginners or those who do not want to waste time can opt for a head atomizer cigarette.

In conclusion

The electronic cigarette with a regenerable atomizer has several advantages: the possibility of configuring the operation of the e-cig, of using all the liquids on the market and of saving a lot with few tools and accessories.

On the contrary, it is necessary to have some dexterity and patience: if you are a beginner, we recommend you opt for an electronic cigarette with a non-regenerable atomizer, with heads.