Macerated flavours: what they are and how they are produced

Macerated e cig flavours

Modified on: 29/05/2024

Are extracted or macerated flavours better for e cigarette?

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between extracted and macerated e liquid flavours for e liquid? Our e liquid concentrates, for example, are extracted.

A small opening will help us to better explain the diversity of the two types: first of all, to talk about extraction and maceration, it is necessary to start from a physical raw material.

Whether it is tobacco, herbs or fruit, when we talk about extracted or macerated flavours it means that we are starting from a real vegetable and not from synthetic products that come out of a laboratory.

This will lead to a final product that is aromatically more faithful to the original matrix than a synthetic product created ad hoc.

A strawberry has the smell and taste of a real strawberry, a strawberry chewing gum takes up the real aromas of the strawberry, amplifying its sweetness, decreasing its acidity and intensifying its color.

Many companies producing e liquid UK prefer to choose one of the two production techniques, others have lines of aromas using both.

But which one to choose between extracted or macerated flavours? Let’s see specifically the difference between the two products.

extract of flavours

The extracted E Cig flavours

The extract is a product deriving from the organic raw material that is basically processed through an extractor machine.

It is an innovative solid-liquid extraction technology which, through pressure, “squeezes” the organic matter and, with a solvent (often ethanol, food alcohol), allows the extraction of aromas.

The resulting semi-solid is then dissolved in propylene glycol (PG) and sent to the purification processes.

To better understand the operation of this machinery, you could think of a crusher, only in this case the basic material is mixed with ethanol for a bacterial purification of the organic matrix.

The result is a product that is very faithful to the raw material in both taste and smell: the dilution percentage in neutral base (1-4%) for e-liquid can therefore be lower than macerated aromas.

An advantage of e liquid flavour concentrates, compared to macerated ones, is that the maturation times of the flavour in the vape base are much shorter, so the liquid can be vaped very soon (in some cases immediately).

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Macerated e cigarette flavours

macerated e cigarette flavours for electronic cigarette

You must know that the macerated flavours are created by means of the cold maceration of the organic raw material in propylene glycol (PG) and, through the use of ultrasound, the aroma is extracted. Ultrasounds are mechanical waves that propagate in the liquid and create a continuous alternation of compressions and decompressions of the raw material soaking.

This involves longer times both in the creation of the flavour and in the subsequent dilution phase in a base liquid e cig.

In fact, the macerated flavours, after mixing with a neutral base, have maturation times that can vary from a few days to several months, in order to fully express their potential.

Moreover, macerated flavours are softer in both fragrance and taste than the extracts, more powerful in terms of impact.

This also means that the percentage of dilution in e liquid base for electronic cigarettes must be greater (in many cases it is 10% of the final liquid).

Which system is best to use to vape organic flavours?

Maybe you are wondering if vaping organic flavours is preferable to use a regenerable or a head system.

If these words sound new to you, let’s clarify immediately about it. The atomizers for electronic cigarettes are divided into two big categories:

  • Non-regenerable atomizers (or head system): they use specific resistances for that atomizer and are purchased pre-packaged
  • Regenerable atomizers: they use artisan resistances that the vaper creates using simple tools (resistive wire and cotton)

The difference between the two systems is mainly in the fact that regenerables have on average a better aromatic yield and give the possibility to regenerate (change the resistance) in a more economical way.

Until recently it was impossible to think of vaping organic liquids on atomizers with a heads system, since the craftsmanship of the aromas lets the resistances burn out in a very short time (a few ml).

This led to choosing for a regenerable system, more than anything else because the cost of a single head is approximately equal to that of 10m of resistive wire (with which about 100 resistors can be made).

The new extraction techniques, however, have led to the creation of a much cleaner and easily usable final product even on non-regenerable atomizers without having to change resistance every day.

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Macerated or concentrated organic flavours: which to choose? 

We have seen in the previous paragraphs the differences between the two types of e liquid flavours, the advantages and disadvantages of the same and now you may wonder which is better to choose.

There is no exact answer, both products can be great; what matters most is the quality of the raw material used.

Terpy e cigarette flavours are extracts of top quality and they are certified.

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