The best atomiser for Cloud Chasing? Here’s how to choose it.

Atomisers for Cloud Chasing

Modified on: 27/05/2024

Would you like to practice cloud chasing? Find out how to find the best atomiser to get great clouds of thick and persistent vapour

Rings of vapour, large, dense, fragrant clouds and a lot of fun — that’s just a small summary of cloud chasing, a vaping technique that seems to be becoming more and more successful worldwide.

Are you also curious about how to create large clouds of vapour?

Would you like to know what it takes to practice cloud chasing?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

It takes more than just any old electronic cigarette to create large vapour clouds, and the vape liquids must also have particular characteristics.

But what makes the difference is the cloud chasing atomiser.

In this article, you will find a general overview of what you need to practice and enjoy this technique and choose the suitable atomiser to get the best out of it.

Ready to learn more?

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Flavour chasing and cloud chasing

Practising cloud chasing: what does it take?

Suppose you’ve been fascinated by the performances of experienced vapers who delight in making vapour rings, other bizarre shapes and vast clouds of vaping liquids. In that case, it’s no wonder: cloud chasing is now all the rage worldwide, to the point where official competitions have been set up.

To learn how to vape with this technique, however, in addition to a bit of practice, you need to have the right equipment and electronic cigarette liquids with the right proportions of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine.

In particular, within the e-liquid base, the latter ingredient should be 70% or more.

But now, let’s focus on the device.

If you want to practice cloud chasing, forget about cheek-powered e-cigarettes and focus on lung-powered ones.

You will need a very powerful Box Mod (better a dual battery), with a regenerable atomiser and a drip tip with a large hole (which avoids condensation and lets a lot of vapour passes through).

Only with these features, you will be able to produce large amounts of vapour.

But if you want to get the best experience, it is essential to focus on choosing the cloud chasing atomiser, the component that can make the most difference.

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Cloud chasing atomiser: How to choose the best one

If you are looking for a suitable device to generate stratospheric vapour clouds, you must find the best cloud chasing atomiser, the component that turns vaping liquids into vapour.

In the ideal cloud chasing kit, there should preferably be an atomiser:

  • rebuildable drip tip atomiser (RDA);
  • equipped with sub-ohm resistances;
  • large enough.

RDAs (Regenerable Dripping Atomisers) are tankless atomisers. The liquid is manually replenished from the top, characterized by a relatively large diameter, in which more than one coil can be installed.

Pros and cons of disposable e-cigarettes

Large clouds of vapour generated by the cloud chasing atomiser

The advantage of using rebuildable dripper atomisers is that as they have no bell or chimney. This way, they accumulate the vapour directly in the vaporisation chamber to reach the vaper without excessive alterations in temperature and aroma and with high power.

Choosing a rebuildable atomiser, moreover, allows you to customise the vaping experience better, using the most suitable resistances according to your needs.

Of course, to regenerate the coils, you need to be familiar with electronic cigarettes, although, with the dripper system, this process is simple.

Regarding the choice of atomiser resistances, to achieve full-bodied vapour clouds, it is best to aim for very low values, close to zero (0.2 ohms, for example): the lower the ohm value, the greater the amount of vapour produced.

Finally, we recommend choosing an atomiser with an air regulator, a system that allows you to generate a more airy or ‘restrained’ type of shot.

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To conclude

To sum up, the best e-cigarette for cloud chasing should be equipped with an atomiser with the characteristics described in the previous paragraph. Besides, it has a battery capable of powering it as good as possible and a drip tip with the right size to ensure the release of large amounts of vapour, limiting the formation of condensation.

In fact, with a cheek smoking e-cigarette, even if you put all your goodwill and breath into it, you will never be able to generate large clouds of thick, persistent vapour like you see experienced cloud-chasers spew out.

Now, as well as buying a suitable atomiser for you or a complete cloud chasing kit, you have to explore the world of e-cigarette liquids suitable for this vaping technique.

In our Terpy online store, you can choose to buy creamy, speciality or other categories of liquids; alternatively, you can purchase e-liquid bases to mix in the proportions you prefer with electronic cigarette flavours and, eventually, with liquid nicotine.

Visit our Terpy store today, and have fun formulating the ideal solutions for your most interesting vaping experiences!