How to clean the resistance (and the atomizer) of the electronic cigarette

Here is how to clean the resistors and the atomizer of the e-cig

Modified on: 23/08/2022

Would you like to know the best cleaning methods for the resistance and the atomizer of the e-cigarette? Here’s what it’s all about

When you use your e-cigarette, some liquids and vaping flavors accumulate on the device, negatively affecting subsequent vaping experiences.

In particular, the components of the liquids that dirty the most the resistances are vegetable glycerin and darker and denser aromas.

Letting these substances accumulate means using a device that will produce a quantity of steam lower than the norm. Even using the best liquids for e cigarettes will generate an annoying aftertaste of burnt or other flavors used in the past.

Properly and constantly cleansing both the resistances and the atomizer of the electronic cigarette is therefore fundamental. 

Continuing to read, you will find out how to clean the resistances of your electronic cigarette to the fullest.

Here are our tips!

Running water to wash the e-cigarette coils

Why is cleaning the resistance and atomizer of the electronic cigarette critical?

Proper cleaning of the atomizer and resistors of the electronic cigarette is the first step to ensure an excellent vaping experience, especially over time.

However, some vapers underestimate this aspect and limit themselves to periodically replacing the atomizer’s resistance.

Proceeding in this way, it is frequent that the aroma of the last liquid continues to persist, especially when using tobacco, minty liquids or with other persistent tastes such as cinnamon, coffee, or melon.

So, how can we proceed?

You have to arm yourself with a bit of patience and some detergent, and, with practice, cleaning the resistors and atomizers will become an increasingly fast and intuitive operation.

Here are the procedures.

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How to clean the electronic cigarette atomizer

As a matter of practicality, we will start by talking about the cleaning of the atomizer, since the coils (or resistors) are located right inside it.

First, empty any residues of the e-liquid base and extract the resistance, then disassemble all the pieces of the atomizer, paying close attention to how they are assembled (to be sure to recompose them). 

To avoid losing a few pieces, we recommend that you equip yourself with a container. 

There are several ways to clean the components of the atomizer, but here we will tell you in particular about the two easiest and most effective methods:

  • rinsing;
  • using an ultrasonic washing machine.

In the first case, what you need to do is disassemble the tank and separate the components.

At this point, run a jet of warm water over each piece (be careful, however, first remember to close the sink drain). Then, dry each piece with a bit of absorbent paper and, before reassembling the device, make sure that all the pieces of the atomizer have completely dried.

This system is sufficient when the atomizer is not excessively dirty. Otherwise, you may need to use detergents.

The best way to get a clean atomizer, though, is to use the ultrasonic washing machine. This device is also readily available online, which is usually used in the jewelry industry.

Using this tool is very easy. 

Just store the elements of the atomizer you intend to clean inside a basket, which you will then place in the appropriate tray (previously filled with water with one or two drops of detergent) and set the duration of the wash.

The cleaning of the components will take place through cavitation, that is, the formation of very small steam bubbles that, reaching every small space of the components of the atomizer and imploding, can disinfect and mechanically clean even the most hidden spaces.

But now, let’s move on to the coils.

Brush and neutral soap to clean the regenerable coils

How to clean the resistance of the electronic cigarette

The cleaning of the coils, or resistors, must be performed differently depending on the components at hand. 

There are, in fact, replaceable and regenerable resistances.

Replaceable resistors

Suppose your e-cigarette is equipped with replaceable heads, perhaps with sub-ohm tanks. In that case, you can proceed with the cleaning to improve your spamming experience, but with the knowledge that it will be difficult to remove any residual of the liquids you need.

As the name suggests, in fact, periodically, these components must be replaced.

You can leave the resistors soaking so that the liquid fouling and the most persistent e-cigarette flavors can soften, after which you can rub some absorbent paper. Before reassembling this component into your e-cig, make sure it is completely dry.

Regenerable resistors

If you own an e-cigarette with a regenerable atomizer, you can proceed to clean the resistance with a widespread practice called dry burn.

The first thing to do is to extract the wicks from the resistance. 

Once the cotton is removed, you can activate the coil through the power button of your box so that all the liquid residues present in it can burn. Thanks to this procedure, it will be much easier to remove them.

Some vapers, however, dislike this practice, as they claim that it can alter the physical and chemical characteristics of the resistance.

Alternatively, they extract the coil from the e-cigarette and rinse it under running water.

If water is not enough, you can gently rub the coil with a soft toothbrush and a little neutral or dishwashing detergent.

In this case, it is essential to ensure that you rinse the resistance, ideally to avoid finding yourself vaping soap residues.

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To conclude

In this article, the ones we told you about are the main methods of cleaning the coils and atomizers of electronic cigarettes, but they are not the only ones.

Depending on the device for the vacuum you have at hand, some prefer one method rather than another.

Whatever method you decide to use, however, remember that cleaning the components of the e-cigarette is essential to fully enjoy the device’s performance and the tobacco, fruity, or any other kind of aromas that you decide to use.

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