The evolution of the electronic cigarette: how the world of vaping has changed over time

The Evolution of the Electronic Cigarette

Published on: 06/01/2023

The main stages of the e-cig from its inception to the present day

Since it was launched on the market, electronic cigarette has gone through various stages. Now, after almost 20 years of history behind it, vaping is less and less a niche and more widespread, especially among those who approach it in an attempt to quit smoking. The credit for the growth of the vaping sector, however, is mainly due to the changes that have transformed the first basic models into efficient and high-performance devices.

In the following few lines, we will take a step back to find out how the electronic cigarette was born and how it has evolved since its early days.

The effects of the electronic cigarette

When the electronic cigarette was invented (and by whom)

One of the aspects that most intrigues those who approach the world of vaping is the birth of electronic cigarettes. As is often the case, when one becomes interested in something new, one tries to acquire information about it, and the e-cig is no exception.

Since this device started to become popular just over a decade ago, many people believe its invention is relatively recent. Indeed it is: the electronic cigarette was launched in the early 2000s following a patent filed by a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik. A heavy smoker, even though his father had died of cigarette-related diseases, Hon Lik worked to find a healthier alternative to smoking for a long time. Finally, after developing a vaporising propylene glycol system, he found an investor: the Golden Dragon Group, a Hong Kong pharmaceutical company.

Although the market launch occurred recently, Hon Lik does not have full authorship of the invention of the e-cig. An initial prototype (with a patent) was created in 1965 by the American Herbert A. Gilbert. Still, the project to commercialise this device never saw the light of day, partly because, at that time, there was still no perception of the dangers of smoking and partly because the technological means available at the time needed to be more adequate for large-scale production.

In short, the good Gilbert had the misfortune of being ahead of his time.

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From the old model to the latest e-cigs: how many differences.

Nowadays, electronic cigarette models have the most varied shapes and functions, and vape liquids have reached a very high quality. Still, in the early days, things were different. Unfortunately, the beginnings of electronic cigarettes were not the most idyllic, as the first-generation vape pens had a less than satisfactory aromatic performance. Moreover, drops of liquid often end up in the mouth of the unfortunate vaper on duty.

In short, after an initial curiosity, many people abandoned this new practice and took up the analogue cigarette again. However, because one learns from mistakes, manufacturers began to refine the devices and create less rudimentary models by introducing new technologies and systems. For example, from 2007 onwards, improvements began to be seen in the delivery system of e-cigarette liquids to coils (heating elements), first the cartomiser and then the cleromizer.

In the new millennium’s second decade, e-cigs began to take on a different appearance from the classic pen-shaped one due to adding new components. Still, manufacturers took advantage of the situation to take more excellent care of aesthetics. During this period, coinciding with the birth of the first box mods, vaping began to take off in Italy.

With the passing of the years, the level of customisation, but above all of aromatic performance and functioning, has risen considerably; it is no coincidence that modern e-cigs register fewer and fewer leakage problems, are made of resistant materials, are equipped with intelligent liquid refilling systems and allow vapers to set various parameters (one above all, the wattage) to make each vape unique.

Apart from the devices, vaping products have also changed a great deal since the early days: e-cigarette flavourings, for example, are becoming more and more high-quality, and the choice is growing.

Old-model e-cig

The e-cigs of the future: what we can expect

The use of e-cigs to attempt to quit smoking is growing by leaps and bounds: tens of millions of smokers worldwide have achieved their goal of stopping thanks to this tool, and the continuous improvements over the years have undoubtedly influenced this trend.

As we move forward and technology advances, it is to be expected that the progress we have witnessed so far is different from what we will see in the coming years. Undoubtedly, more attention to this sector by the institutions could speed up the development of new vaping technologies and products. This is what companies in the industry and e-cig supporters are hoping for. It would benefit millions of smokers who could use increasingly efficient and safe devices.

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In conclusion

Vaping today is not like vaping 15 years ago. Thanks to the success of electronic cigarettes, companies have invested in and raised the quality of vaping products. We at Terpy offer you a wide range of liquids with and without nicotine, as well as products for crafting liquids such as e-liquid bases, liquid nicotine and various vaping flavours.

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