What are the lightest cigarettes for health? They don’t exist!

The lightest cigarettes for health

Modified on: 24/05/2024

Here is the truth about light cigarettes

The tobacco market is full of brands and products distinguished by aroma, pressing, freshness, etc. However, the main distinction that is made when labelling cigarettes is that between strong and light. It is a common belief that the latter is less harmful to health. But is this true?

In the following lines, you will find out why there is not much difference between strong and light cigarettes and what is the most popular way to stop smoking in recent times.

Marlboro e-cigarettes, known as IQOS

Which cigarettes are most harmful? There is no difference between strong and light cigarettes.

When talking to a smoker and reminding them of the damage smoking causes, one often is told that although they know the risks, they cannot give up the habit. Some, however, emphasise that they smoke light cigarettes as if to imply their health benefits in some way. But beyond barroom talk, is there scientific evidence that light cigarettes are safer than strong ones?

The answer is no! Smoking is always bad for you; the reason is simple and has a name: combustion.

This process releases a massive amount of toxic substances (many of which are carcinogenic) that are pushed into the lungs with every drag of a cigarette. So it matters little if cigarettes, once labelled as light, have less nicotine and tar than stronger cigarettes, a more powerful filter or a different tobacco blend: inhaling the smoke generated by burning tobacco and paper means introducing carbon monoxide and other harmful substances into the body.

The wording light has long been used by tobacco multinationals purely for marketing purposes, and it is no coincidence that this wording disappeared in the USA and then in other countries (including Italy). However, by law, it is forbidden to attribute this characteristic to cigarettes, and manufacturers have had to make changes (see the Marlboro cigarettes sold in the white and beige packet that changed their name from Lights to Gold).

In short, the manufacturers’ supposedly lesser impact of “light” (the inverted comma is obligatory) cigarettes on health is merely an illusion perpetrated for too long. In any case, it is a fact that some cigarettes have characteristics that make them seem less strong than others.

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The list of cigarettes with less nicotine and tar

Having clarified the most crucial point – that light cigarettes do less harm – let us see which tobacco products have the lowest tar and nicotine content on the market today:

  • Camel One;
  • Diana Bianca;
  • MS White;
  • Fortuna One;
  • Winston One;
  • B&G London White;
  • Kent White;
  • Philip Morris One Ks;
  • Merit One Ks.

Of course, these cigarette brands are not the only ones with features that make blondes less strong, but they are certainly the most popular. However, switching to light cigarettes is not an intelligent solution if you want to try to quit smoking because you will not have any health benefits apart from continuing to smoke.

Yes, but I can’t throw away the cigarette overnight. I need nicotine, and I need to savour the tobacco taste!

Well, when you put it like that, it is tough to find a solution. Unless.

Cigarettes with less nicotine and tar

Is smoking and preserving your health possible? Unfortunately, no, but there is an alternative.

Gestures, the taste of tobacco and nicotine addiction are the main obstacles to overcome for those who fall victim to the smoking habit. Fortunately, for more than a decade, smokers have been able to rely on a device that emulates the analogue cigarette. But, of course, we are talking about the e-cig, an electronic device that vaporises a liquid compound that can be customised with tobacco and fruity or creamy flavours.

In contrast to the classic cigarette, the e-cigarette includes several advantages that improve health immediately and make quitting smoking easier. Firstly, by inhaling the vapours produced by heating the vaping liquids, the hundreds of toxic substances produced by tobacco combustion are not introduced into the respiratory tract, which makes the e-cig 95% safer for health than blondes. In addition, e-cigarette liquids can be customised with your favourite vaping flavours and a specific dosage of liquid nicotine.

For those who want to quit smoking, this is an enormous advantage. In addition to not having to give up a habit and the taste of tobacco, you are not exposed to the risk that nicotine withdrawal will stimulate a return to cigarettes. Furthermore, by gradually decreasing the percentage of this substance in liquids, it is possible to eliminate it from the body in a balanced manner without the feeling of having to give something up.

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In conclusion

Many smokers have recently quit smoking thanks to electronic cigarettes. You can do it too. And we at Terpy can offer you a wide range of high-quality vaping products, such as tobacco liquids, fruity liquids, creamy liquids and special liquids.

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