CBD liquid: Here the effects on those who use it

CBD liquid for e cigarette

Published on: 09/04/2021

Everything you know about CBD-liquid electronic cigarette (cannabidiol)

Let’s start by explaining that just like the natural terpenes of marijuana, CBD is also a natural substance that is extracted from Cannabis sativa and is present in plants at levels and in lower quantities than the more known THC, the psychotropic principle that made cannabis products so popular.

Its production is long and complex as it is the result of articulated extraction processes. The resulting product (cannabidiol) has been known and used since ancient times: not only was it used in the production of cosmetics, but it was considered highly curative thanks to its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.

However, science has only recently started to examine and admit the incredible potential of this substance which was viewed by our jurisdiction with suspicion. But why? The motivation is simple: cannabis contains narcotic substances, in variable percentages depending on the variety of the plant.

Precisely for this reason many have begun to wonder if there are e liquid for electronic cigarettes based on CBD and what type of effect they have on the body.

They do exist, and you should know that:

  1. They are perfectly legal e cig liquids
  2. They have no harmful side effects for the body
  3. They are very appreciated for their characteristics by those who test them

We hope you will continue reading for more information about CBD liquids, but first, in the next paragraph we will clarify a very important concept: the substances contained in cannabis are not all the same and, most of all, they do not have the same characteristics.

effects cbd liquid electronic cigarette

CBD vape liquid… It is not THC!

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is most notable for its non-psychoactive effects: it will not lead to addiction nor it will interfere with normal psychic processes. On the contrary, THC is a psychoactive substance that alters the mind, relaxing the body and usually causing an increase in appetite and loss of space-time perception.

Precisely the global legal status on hemp remains controversial because THC’s presence persists in hemp, albeit at very low quantities.

Using innovative agronomic methods, genetic variants of Cannabis sativa have been created and given rise to hemp varieties with reduced THC levels.

The goal of reducing THC in hemp varieties was to challenge the prohibitive cannabis laws so that the therapeutic benefits of CBD could be made available to the public

CBD, just like the terpenes of cannabis in Italy are considered legal, since the regulation imposed by the law essentially involves the concentration of THC, which in fact must be less than 0.2% to a maximum of 0.6% .

In addition, taking cannabidiol has no particular side effects, and can be easily found at authorized storefronts or websites.

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CBD in electronic cigarettes

cbd vape liquid in electronic cigarette

Among the e cigarette liquid available on the market there are those which actually contain CBD, and this is an alternative appreciated by many customers. It is no coincidence that we at Terpy have included them in our offer and we recommend trying them.

Normally e-cig liquids contain different concentrations of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and water. A few drops of e liquid flavours, liquid nicotine or CBD can be added to these ingredients.

There are bottles on the market that have different concentrations of cannabidiol oil, to be diluted following the specific indications. In many sites enabled for the sale of e cigarette liquid, as well as ours, it is possible to buy excellent products that present different concertations.

Cannabidiol is a highly appreciated alternative also among consumers of electronic cigarettes who want to enjoy the benefits of this active ingredient, without having the fear of damaging the respiratory tract (the CBD liquid contained in the vial is heated through the vaporizer).

With the e liquids selected on our site you can get all the benefits of the CBD vape base liquid without any particular unwelcome effects.

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CBD and its side effects

A question many people ask is: Does CBD have side effects? And if it does, what are they?

The only side effect observed to date is drowsiness. It is advisable never to drive after taking cannabinol. In any case, it is better not to overdo it because the abuse of this substance can provoke fatigue and pressure drops in the rarest cases.

What happens to the body when taking CBD

There is not just one answer. It actually depends on how the body responds to the substance. This is often the case for both pharmaceuticals as well as for homeopathic remedies.

It must first be remembered that this substance has a so-called “accumulation” function.In simple words, it is likely that the effects will not be recognized quickly and, so, the desired effects are produced slowly.However, this is a generalization. Each organism is different, and certain individuals may react differently.


CBD is extracted after a long process from the hemp plant, and it is a 100% natural substance that can be used safely in good confidence.

Obviously, it is better not to buy products whose origin and processing are unknown. With some research, it is possible to find certified, safe and high quality products similar to what we offer on our website.

It is very important to use common sense to obtain the most important beneficial effects in the case of CBD liquids for electronic cigarettes.