Can I bring the batteries on the plane? Yes, but you still have to pay attention to these 5 things

Can I bring the batteries on the plane? Yes, but you still have to pay attention to these 5 things

Modified on: 06/12/2022

You can transport an electronic cigarette by plane, but you must to pay attention to these rules for batteries

It’s holiday time and you’re planning a nice trip for your vacation. But you certainly don’t want to separate from your precious e cigarette flavours, right?

As you know, e cigarette are lithium battery powered devices, and you are surely wondering if you can take batteries on airplanes.

The answer is yes, but to avoid confiscation by airport staff (both e liquid and e cig flavours) you must be aware of 5 important information about it and we from Terpy suggest you to know them.

Below you will find them.

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1) Electronic cigarette battery transport by plane: pay attention to the power

Ok, you can bring batteries on the plane, but rechargeable lithium batteries cannot exceed the power of 100Wh (watts per hour) for most companies. On the other hand, Ryanair extends this limit to 160Wh.

So, be careful with the accumulators of your electronic cigarette and any spare batteries: if they exceed this power, we recommend that you leave them at home and buy a spare e-cigarette for your travels by plane.

Airport controls are always very tight, so you seriously risk never seeing your electronic cigarette again.

In this regard, it is good to facilitate controls. Find out how in the next point!

2) Take an electronic cigarette on the plane whose power is clearly visible on the battery

Control officers certainly cannot trust all travelers. For this reason, it is essential that the power expressed in Wh on the battery of your electronic cigarette is clearly visible.

Whether it is an e-cig model with an integrated battery or with a removable battery, the power must beclearly understood in order to avoid confiscations.

So,check this information before your flight in order to use the right electronic cigarette (i.e. with power within 100Wh or, for some companies such as Ryanair, 160Wh and with clearly visible values).

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3) Lithium battery of the electronic cigarette: checked baggage or hand luggage?

For security reasons, you cannot carry the electronic cigarette in the checked baggage. You must necessarily carry it with you in your hand luggage whatever its power.

Of course, even if you have the e-cigarette with you, you will absolutely not be able to use it on board (or on the landing strip)! You would risk serious problems with the law.

In this case, also think about protecting your e-cig: it will be in contact with the contents of the suitcase, so we advise you to have a well-padded case that protects it from jolts and various bumps.

Alternatively, you can keep it with you, perhaps in your jacket or pocket, but remember not to use it in any way.

While traveling by plane you may be lost in thought and not thinking about it, so be careful! Maybe you can empty the e cigarette of vape liquid with nicotine or without it before leaving (also because in flight it could lose e liquid flavours due to pressure).

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4) How to store the batteries of the electronic cigarette to bring on the plane

If your electronic cigarette has a removable battery system, before bringing it on the plane you must take out the batteries from the device and store them properly in order to avoid accidental short circuits.

Are you wondering how? You can pack them in their original packaging or, if you have thrown it away, protect the ends of the batteries with adhesive tape, inserting each individual battery in a separate plastic bag.

Also remember that the batteries must have clearly visible power and that this power cannot exceed 100Wh or 160Wh depending on the airline you are traveling with.

If this value is not visible on the products themselves,you have to avoid bringing them on the plane, because you may never see them again.

5) Beware of international travel and of the different regulations regarding the electronic cigarette

E-cigarettes are legal in many countries, but not in all. Therefore, before making an international trip, we advise you not only to check the regulations of the company you will be relying on, but also to pay attention to the laws of the destination country.

An important warning if you have to go to Thailand: do not bring the electronic cigarette and your e cigarette liquid with you, as it is one of the prohibited articles that provides for the immediate arrest and initiation of a judicial process, on a par with the possession of small quantities of light drugs, with the stay in the State with an expired visa and with the implementation of petty thieves. (

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The arrest for these reasons involves incarceration, unless the judge is lenient and establishes a sanction, that usually is very high and always accompanied by the withdrawal of the passport, so that the accused can wait for the end of the trial outside the prison.

But Thailand is not the only country that has restrictive rules on electronic cigarettes and related products: other countries, such as some states in Asia and America, also ban the possession and use of e-cigarettes and / or vape e liquid.

We therefore recommend that you check the laws of the destination country regarding prohibited products by consulting this page of Viaggiare Sicuri:

Just select the country (or countries) where you will land and read the “Safety” section to understand if and how you can transport your electronic cigarette. In this way. you can travel consciously with – or without – your precious e-cig!