The best e-cigarette liquid flavour: here is the king of 2021!

Taste of e-cigarette liquid: best of 2021

Modified on: 06/12/2022

Find out which e-cigarette liquid flavour was most successful during 2021

More and more electronic cigarette flavourings and liquids are on offer in the vaping sector!

Because of this, many vapers get lost and cannot make the appropriate choice.

In this article, we would like to give you a few pointers by telling you about the best e-cigarette liquid flavour of 2021 according to our customers and the other products that have been doing great!

Here are the most purchased vape liquids of the year.

Liquid Tobacco Honey

Best e-cigarette liquid: Tobacco tops the podium

It’s no secret that tobacco liquids are the best-selling e-liquid in the world of vaping, and it’s not hard to see why—they’re the best alternative to an analogue cigarette.

Perhaps because so many smokers have recently decided to kick the cigarette habit, and probably also because so many vapers have been looking for novelty and unusual flavours, the best e-cigarette liquid flavour of 2021 is an exceptional tobacco flavour suitable for relaxing and enjoying: Tobacco Honey.

This flavour has become an undisputed protagonist among concentrated flavours for electronic cigarettes and ready-made vape liquids.

Let us get to know it in more detail.

Tobacco Honey liquid, available in our Terpy store in different formats and with varying amounts of liquid nicotine, is an exceptional and unmistakable product!

As its name suggests, it is a mix of tobacco and honey aromas but is also enriched by many other woody, sweet and aromatic nuances.

It is a pronounced and robust flavour, appreciated both for moments of meditation and relaxation and for special evenings, perhaps to accompany alcoholic drinks or a good coffee.

Because of its strong flavour, Tobacco Honey has always been much appreciated by ex-cigar smokers. Still, not only that, today it has conquered a much wider public, looking for different, exceptional flavours.

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Best e-cigarette liquids (2021): here are the most popular among our customers

In addition to Tobacco Honey, which was the best e-cigarette liquid flavour of the year according to our customers’ purchases, many other liquids came close to the top spot.

Are you curious to find out which ones?

Among the best fruity e-cigarette liquids is undoubtedly Red Jam, a liquid with a sweet, comforting and exquisitely lovely taste!

This e-liquid is reminiscent of the taste of homemade strawberry jam, childhood snacks and springtime picnics—a treat that has won over many of our fruit and dessert-loving customers.

Cookies creamy liquid

One of the best among the creamy liquids is still the Cookies flavour.

The timeless scent of homemade biscuits and the feeling of authenticity make this liquid an undisputed ‘must have’. Perfect for winter evenings, summer evenings and those times when you desire something sweet, Cookies can make even the greyest of days memorable.

The special Bluesky liquid was the winner among the best liquids for electronic cigarettes without nicotine. It is a very fresh liquid, which everyone appreciates: those who dislike sweet flavours, those who seek an alternative to tobacco flavours, new vapers… It is hard not to love the taste of this liquid!

In addition to being the winner of the year, Tobacco Gold is also among the best-selling tobacco liquids: aromatic, light, fresh and sophisticated. It is a highly appreciated product by ex-Light and Gold cigarette smokers and is perfect for vaping daily.

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Finally, have you found the appropriate liquid for you?

The ones we have mentioned in the previous paragraphs were the most popular vape liquids in 2021, but you can also find many other irresistible liquids in our store!

Take a look at the delicious creamy liquids and let yourself be won over by products such as Lemon Cake, Panettone, and Coffee Cream.

Or visit the speciality liquids page and try one of the more unusual combinations, such as Forbidden Fruit.

If you like the freshness and sweetness of fruit, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for on the Fruity Liquids page.

In short, if you want to vape using quality liquids, you will undoubtedly find what you are looking for among the products on sale at Terpy.

You have to visit our store. We are waiting for you.