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Strawberry Cream is an e-liquid that faithfully reproduces the taste of the classic combination of strawberries and cream. A real treat for the palate!

Its taste is a very sweet mix between the soft and enveloping taste of cream and the intense, fresh and pleasant flavor of seasonal strawberries.

It is like finding yourself immersed in a soft and soothing cloud with a sweet and delicate taste, while leaving your mouth open, you let raindrops with a fruity flavor enter inside, refreshing you. What a pleasure!

Strawberry Cream is a recommended product for all people who love sweets in general, for those who need to feel a little sugar in their mouth.

This liquid for electronic cigarettes is suitable for daily use, to give yourself a gift occasionally.

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37 reviews for STRAWBERRY CREAM

  1. mattiew

    Good liquid delicious mix with strawberry and cream

  2. Dhia

    It reminds me as a child when I ate strawberry and cream flavored chuapachups, wonderful!

  3. Randy

    Sweet and creamy aftertaste that lingers in the mouth, the strawberry is all there, 5 well deserved stars!

  4. Declan

    I bought several liquids and flavours on Terpy’s website, this one is good, I can say after trying it for 1 month that it is absolutely what it is described as taste and intensity…I don’t vape it all day because it is sweet, but it is really good

  5. Sam

    ok, really incredible! Seems like eating a cup of cream with strawberries, Terpy good site!

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